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Pregnancy is an amazing journey. But the uneasiness, nausea, morning sickness? Not so fab! If you are one among the pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness, it could take a severe toll on your health. You could feel nauseous all day and struggle to keep any food down, even the most non-offensive scents could make you queasy. It could be a tricky thing to conquer while you go about your day. But here are a few tips that could ease the pain of nausea and vomiting and provide you with a bit of relief.

Small and frequent meals

When just the smell of food could make you nauseous, the last thing on your mind is food, but an empty food can actually worsen the symptoms. So, try eating small meals every now and then. This could help you keep up your sugar level. Have foods that are rich in nutrients. Avoid acidic, fatty or fried foods as these could further irritate your digestive system. A no-cook, cold meal with less odour could save your day than a plate of hot food. Also, keep bland snacks handy for nibbling throughout the day.

Carbs and Protein-rich foods

Morning sickness is not meant only for the morning. But in any way to quell it each morning even before it starts, try munching some carbs and protein-rich foods before getting out of bed. Keep a few crackers or a whole wheat pita and hummus or apple slices with string cheese by your bed and eat slowly before you get up. This will control your exhaustion all through the day.

Cold treats

Avoiding dehydration during pregnancy is utmost important. Cold treats such as slushy drinks, ice chips or frozen lemonade, along with keeping your body hydrated, provides relief from the morning sickness. You can also consume required nutrients such as folate B and vitamin A in the form of refreshing strawberry and peach ice pops. These also relieve your nausea.


Drinking plenty of fluids and staying hydrated throughout the pregnancy is as important as you take care of your unborn child. But if you are unable to keep anything down, try flavouring the water with lemon. Also, vomiting could cause the loss of electrolytes from the body and drinking sports beverages that contain glucose, salt and potassium could help in replacing them.


Ginger is known for its ability to settle the stomach and alleviate the queasiness. Even during pregnancy, moderate use of ginger could help to ease nausea. You can either consume it in the form of drinks made with ginger, ginger tea prepared by grating fresh ginger, ginger syrup, gingersnap cookies, ginger candies, capsules or tablets.

Plenty of rest

Pregnancy could cause loads of changes to the body and on the way to shaping a new life, you could feel stressed and tired. Make sure you get plenty of rest and relaxation when you can.


Lemon is a great aid in curbing nausea and dealing with morning sickness. The smell of cut lemon or slices of lemon in the water you sip or lemon slices in the iced tea or sparkling water could help you to a greater extent.


Multivitamins could reduce the feelings of nausea but there is little scientific evidence to support it. In any case, if not helping in coping with nausea, multivitamins could provide you with the recommended dose of folic acid and vitamin D to you and your baby.

Complementary therapy

Some of the complementary therapies such as reflexology or aromatherapy could help you cope up with the morning sickness. But ensure your therapist is experienced and qualified in treating pregnant women.

Over-the-counter remedies

The over-the-counter medicines such as vitamin B6 with doxylamine, an over-the-counter antihistamine could ease nausea. Most the pregnant women find relief from the acupressure wristbands as well which could be bought over-the-counter. 

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