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How To Cope With Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a unique and unforgettable experience for a woman. While there are certain perks to pregnancy like glowing skin, being showered with attention and love from close ones and so on, there are also a few hurdles accompanying it. Frequent urination is something that is very common, especially during the later stages of pregnancy. It is quite a nuisance when you have to keep going to the bathroom at night or when you’re outside and there’s no washroom in sight. While you can’t avoid it completely, you can make it bearable by making a few changes in your day-to-day activities. We have compiled a few tips to make this ordeal easier for you.

Ensure That You Empty Your Bladder Completely

Sometimes it so happens that on our trips to the bathroom we don’t empty the bladder completely and this results in more trips. Try to lean forward while urinating since this helps in emptying the bladder. This helps a lot, especially at night when you can get more shut-eye due to the reduced number of trips.


Avoid food that makes you pee more often. Tea, soda, coffee, and alcohol are diuretic in nature and not something that you should be having a lot of during pregnancy. Some medications may also act as diuretics.

Intake of water

It’s very important that pregnant women drink lots of water to keep themselves hydrated and to ensure the well-being of the baby. Minimum of eight glasses of water is mandatory. However, having a lot of water before bedtime can lead to frequent trips to the bathroom hence disturbing your sleep. It is advised to drink more water during the day and to cut back on fluids a few hours before bedtime.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are recommended to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor muscles which in turn curbs frequent urination. They are meant to get control over the urethra. This exercise is done thrice every day and can be performed anywhere. Seek your doctor’s guidance to ensure that you go about it the right way.

Urine Leakage

Coughing, sneezing and lifting heavy objects can cause leakage of urine. This is an embarrassing problem and can make you feel very self-conscious. Some women even prefer to wear sanitary pads when going out. Leak-proof panties are also available to deal with this problem. This is a very common problem and nothing to worry about. The main thing is to take a few precautions so that you can go about your day as usual and without any fear.

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