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How To Connect With Your Spouse On Every Level

As a married couple, you get to spend most of your time with your loved one. You may already have a deep connection with your spouse and may get along really well but the real test of a happy and successful marriage is about how much you are willing to sacrifice for each other and how well you connect with each other. 

How do you respond to fights? Do you involve each other while making important decisions? How often do you take the time to really get to know each other?

Read on and find out how you can connect with your partner and form a deeper bond with your partner.

1. Call them once a day

You and your husband are probably going to be apart for a couple of hours every day while at work. Aside from the usual call to figure out what groceries you may need, you should also call just to check in with your partner. If you aren’t the kind of couple that calls each other every day, it doesn’t hurt to start this habit now. It may seem strange to you at first but it will be helpful for both of you in the long run. Talk about how your day went and what is happening. This will help you bond with each other while keeping you calm and sane. Keep the call to under 10 minutes so that it can comfortably fit in both of your schedules. If either of you is busy, you could leave them a text for them to read later on. Sweet little random texts, memes and videos are also great for bonding with your partner even while you are apart.

2. Spend dinner time together

Make it a point to eat dinner together every day. If it isn’t feasible to eat dinner together (perhaps your spouse comes home late and you need to feed your child early), try having breakfast together every day as a family. This will not only deepen the bond with your husband but also with the kids. Talk about what is happening in your life and ask them about theirs. Mealtimes are the best time for families to bond.

3. Bond with the in-laws

We get it – your mother-in-law is not easy to get along with. It doesn’t hurt to make an effort to mingle with the rest of the family. When you gel with your partner’s side of the family, he will definitely appreciate and try to gel with your side of the family as well. Try going out with your husband’s siblings. Go on a trip with the whole clan if possible. This can help you get along with the family since people tend to loosen up while on vacation. You can bond with your sister-in-law by taking her on a shopping spree or brunch – some girl fun. Your brother-in-law is either going to be exactly like your husband or the exact opposite. Spend time to get to know him. Your partner’s siblings will tell you first hand what your husband is really all about. Your mother-in-law can, of course, show you his baby photos and explain in detail the story behind each of them. Fathers-in-law often want nothing but for the kids to be happy. So treat him with kindness and respect – this is enough to maintain a healthy relationship with him. Also, if you and your husband ever have fights, your FIL will be able to help you out.

4. Get intimate

Yes, making love is obviously a part of maintaining a happy and healthy relationship with your partner. You should have sex as often as you feel like it. But being intimate with each other is more than just having sex – it means telling your partner about your deepest most sacred thoughts and feelings. It will truly feel liberating to talk to your spouse about everything that is on your mind. It is like signing up for free therapy sessions. You don’t necessarily have to say anything about their experiences. All you have to do is listen and have them do the same. These thoughts and feelings could be related to anything – the past, the present or the future. Share your hopes and dreams for the future and about how you see your partner fitting into it. These intimate conversations are what will make your relationship grow strong.

5. Go on a holiday together

Going on a trip is the best way to deepen the bond with your partner. A trip for a whole week is just the right amount of time to spend with your partner. So save up your paid leaves and apply for a holiday with your partner right away! Make the most of your trip no matter what happens. Even if there is a bandh on the day you arrive or if the weather won’t allow you to travel, you can always spend time comfortably at the hotel, resort or homestay you are living in. You could ask for room service to bring in tasty food as you continue watching movies with your partner.

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