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How To Communicate With Your Spouse Better?

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. Most misunderstandings between couples are a result of not talking to each other and voicing their feelings aloud. But talking with your loved ones is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes you might have trouble finding the right words and other times, the words just won’t come out. Whatever it is, here’s how you can communicate with your partner effectively:

1. Listen

It might seem strange to list listening as the first point for you to communicate with your partner. But there’s a reason for this. When your husband is speaking, don’t let any words get lost. It might be something very insignificant but always listen when they speak because wouldn’t you want your hubby to hear you out when you’re addressing them.

2. Don’t take THAT tone

Yes, fights are inevitable in a marriage and it’s okay to let some your spouse know about your disappointment in them or how they hurt your feelings. But don’t take the accusatory tone. Use ‘I’ and ‘We’ instead of ‘you’. For example - ‘You don’t appreciate me enough’ can also be said as ‘I feel like I’m not appreciated enough’. Doesn’t the latter sound better?

3. Ask and Ye shall receive

Don’t wait for your hubby to be the icebreaker or to strike up a conversation every time. If you want to talk or ask something then just say so. Unless your husband is psychic, it will be impossible for him to know that you want to talk. And yes, you might be giving subtle hints and clues but ladies, men don’t really get anything on the first go. It’s better for you to go straight ahead and talk to him.

4. Small talk can be your best friend

Conversations don’t always need to be about your future or something serious. You could be watching a movie or a TV show together and you can talk about something like how each other’s day was or about the things they did in their childhood. These “mundane” talks have more impact on your relationship than you think.

5. Know when to stop

Communication is not always about how much you talk with your partner, it’s also knowing when to give them their space. If your husband is upset or doesn’t want to talk about anything, don’t push it. Making him uncomfortable will only make things worse. 

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