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How To Comfort Your Child Without Any Words

When your child is upset, all they want is to talk to you and they will feel better. Sometimes they may need some chocolates or toys to feel comforted. As they say, actions speak louder than words. So as long as you are able to make your child feel warm and loved, they will be alright.

Warmth can be expressed emotionally as well as physically. A simple hug can make them feel calm again. When it is difficult to comfort your child by simply using words, then you would need to resort to using other ways to comfort your child. In our subconscious mind, we associate emotional warmth to the physical warmth. This is why we like hugs as much as we like to snuggle into our blankets at home.

When you resort to methods to calm them down without the use of words, they will not only feel more comforted - they will also become more well-mannered and self-sufficient as they grow up. Here are a few ways that you can do this:

1. Hug/snuggle your child

A certain part of the brain gets activated in response to the warmth of a hug or a snuggle. The same effect can also be induced if you wrap them tightly in a blanket. The same part of the brain gets activated and the child will feel safe and comforted instantly.

2. Hot soup

When our kids grow older, they become increasingly reluctant to share their feelings or problems with the parents. This is when you can resort to giving them a cup of hot soup or a hot cup of milk just to make them feel better. In fact, they will start to feel better as soon as they hold the hot beverage.

3. Turn up the temperature

You can literally make them feel the warmth by increasing the temperature of the house. Turn up the thermostat for a while and observe the difference. Also, a study has shown how the kids are more likely to behave when the temperature is warm and nice.

4. Don’t voice this out

When your child is upset, they are not going to want to hear that they have to wrap themselves up in a blanket. Give them the comfort they need by talking to them and hugging them. You can later offer them their favourite hot beverage and tuck them into bed after that. 

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