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How To Colour Your Hair With Beetroot Juice?

Colouring hair with beetroot juice

The only hair dyes that are available in the market are full of harmful chemicals that can cause various skin diseases. This being said, you can’t exactly refrain yourself from colouring your hair now and then. A more natural alternative to these hair dyes is beetroot juice. That’s right, trusty old beetroots are not only full of nutrition and minerals but can also help give your hair a reddish tint.

Have you noticed the purplish-red tint that beetroots leave behind on your fingers? The same thing happens to your hair too when used on it. Depending on the natural colour of your hair, the effect of beetroots can vary. For example, people with light or dark brown hair can see more of a reddish tint when compared to ones with black hair.


Making beetroot juice to colour hair

1. Wash the beets thoroughly before chopping them up. Put them in a blender or a juicer to extract the thick, red juice.

2. Use the strainer to get rid of the pulp so that you’re left only with the juice.

3. Add a few tablespoons of honey and stir the mixture until the beet juice and honey are completely combined.

Washing your hair after applying beetroot juice to give red or purple colour to the hair

4. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo but skip the conditioner as beet juice works better on hair that has no residue of conditioner in it.

5. Towel dry your hair and if there are any tangles present, take them out using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.

6. Now apply the prepared mixture all over your hair making sure each strand is coated. You can also apply to only a few strands if you want highlights. Wear gloves to avoid staining your hands.

Bright red or purple hair after using beetroot juice

7. Wrap your hair in a plastic sheet or wear a shower cap. Let the mixture sit for a minimum of 4 hours, you can also leave it overnight.

8. Wash your hair as usual with regular shampoo and conditioner. You might not see the colour immediately but once your hair dries, the red-purplish undertones will shine through.

This colour can last for a few weeks depending on how many times you wash your hair.

Pro tip- You can mix a bit of beetroot juice in your shampoo and wash your hair to get a slight red colour to your hair strands.

Apart from colouring your hair, beetroot juice is also really good for nourishing and moisturizing your hair. Applying it on the scalp will make your hair stronger and promotes hair growth.

So, what do you think, mommies? Ready to ditch those toxic hair colours and switch to beetroot juice? 


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