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How To Choose The Right Toothpaste For Your Child: 3 Things You Need To Know

Your child’s teeth need to be cared for right from the moment the first tooth erupts. Although your child’s milk teeth will fall out eventually, they determine the health of the permanent teeth that will come in. Children who get cavities on their milk teeth are more likely to have cavities on their permanent teeth in future. So right from the eruption of the first tooth, remember to maintain good oral hygiene.

While doing so, make sure you choose kids toothpaste, because your child’s milk teeth require different care than permanent teeth. Here’s a guide to choosing the right toothpaste for your child:

1. Taste

Most of the time, your child may resist your attempts to brush their teeth. It may be because the toothbrush hurt or simply because they do not like to be still. In most cases, it is because the minty taste of toothpaste can feel spicy to a child’s sensitive taste buds because they prefer sweet tastes. Choose a toothpaste which smells refreshing but has a fruity flavour, like Colgate Kids Toothpaste, available in strawberry and bubble fruit. Fruity flavours make brushing a pleasant experience for your little one.

2. Fluoride Content

You may have heard that fluoride toothpaste is bad for kids, but the American Dental Association recommends using fluoride toothpaste for your child’s teeth right from the eruption of the first tooth, starting with very small amounts, and making sure that your child spits it out. Fluoride is a mineral that keeps your child’s teeth strong and is important because milk teeth are already soft and thin to begin with.

Make sure that you choose toothpaste that has been clinically proven to kill germs and strengthen teeth. Colgate Kids Toothpaste, for example, is clinically proven to protect your child’s thin enamel from cavities and is designed with the expertise of pediatric dentists, who know exactly what your child’s milk teeth need to remain strong and healthy.

3. Kid-Friendly Toothpaste

Kids enjoy stories or games while they go about their everyday activities. Get creative - choose a toothpaste that has characters or drawings on the tube, so that you can play games and tell stories. Colgate Kids toothpaste has exciting characters like Motu Patlu – comes with free Motu Patlu trading cards, Barbie and Spiderman using which you can engage your children and help make brushing a fun experience. Along with the Fun Characters, the children also get to enjoy fun fruity flavours of strawberry and bubble fruit. Buying your child’s favourite character themed toothpaste will make brushing time fun and encourage them to brush regularly.

Remember that your child's toothpaste should not only help keep their teeth safe and strong. It should also be a toothpaste that your little one will enjoy so that you can form the good habit of brushing at an early age and cultivate lifetime brushing habit.

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