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How To Choose Household Products Keeping Your Baby In Mind?

Every day we use a lot of products purchased from the market. We usually tend not to bother about the ones that we are using since long. Some products are being used by us for many years and we are not looking for any substitute to them. This makes our choice somewhat easy. But things change when you have a baby. Our baby has soft skins and is very delicate to the chemicals. Products that we use may prove out to harsh on them. So how should you choose household products keeping your baby in mind ??

Here are few points to keep in mind:

- The skin care and bathing products that you use is usually made for adult skins. Baby’s skin is very soft and delicate as compared to yours. So a good decision here is to keep your and baby products for bathing and skin care separately.

- Babies have not yet adapted to digest hard foods. So it is a good option to buy easily digestible products for them. Like buying oats.

- Babies cannot distinguish between what to eat and what not to at very young age. Or very often, they have no idea what they are putting in their mouth. So it is a good option to buy their products which are more natural and less toxic. Buy cotton clothes and wipes for them instead of synthetic. Buy natural & organic soaps and shampoos instead of quick action chemicals.

- Do not buy scented or perfumed products. At infancy, babies are very tender to their surroundings. What may seem to be pleasing to you might actually be harmful to their receptors and may be a source of irritation to their body. Try to use flowers to have a natural pleasing fragrance at homes.

- Avoid any kind of burning at home in presence of the baby. Avoid incense sticks, dhoops, camphor etc.

- Try to buy Copper utensils like glass, jugs etc. They have natural property to inhibit bacterial presence in water.

- Avoid Glass products. They are prone to be broken and scattered by falling and can prove out to be fatal to the baby.

- Do not buy anything with sharp edges. Children can’t differentiate between kitchen tools and their toys.

These were some general guidelines which you should keep in your mind before buying any household products to ensure a good health for both you and your child.

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