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How To Buy Your Baby's First Shoes Once He Starts Walking

The joy of seeing your little one take her first steps is thrilling. On an average, a baby begins to walk by the age of 10-18 months. Don’t worry if your child is a late walker because it differs from baby to baby. So, you should never force your baby to walk unless she’s completely ready. This is the time you can splurge on those cute little booties and footwear you saw the other day at the mall.

With the latest fashion trends, the baby world too has got its own fabulous range of footwear for your baby. The real task is trying to get your baby’s foot into those pretty shoes without them kicking them off and throwing a tantrum. So, if you’re aiming at buying your baby’s first shoes, these are the things you should keep in mind:

What kind of shoes to buy?

Avoid shoes that have too much structure on it because it doesn’t give the baby much scope to balance. Your baby has just begun taking his first steps and it is important that you see his comforts first rather than seeing the fancy quotient in a footwear. Babies have a flat foot as it is still developing. Soon, there will be arches which would give your baby’s food a redefinition and better support. Your kid’s ankles should be free so that the muscles can develop normally.

You could opt for letting your child be barefoot when indoors as it is the best in enhancing grip and motor development.

What should the material be?

The footwear you buy should be lightweight, thin and bendable soles with breathable linings. These will permit the ease in walking development and at the same time, they will have an additional support mechanism to help your baby walk effortlessly.

Find a breathable material which will permit the sweat to evaporate that could stink and cause discomfort for your baby. Synthetic materials with a cheap plastic shiny coating are your baby’s enemies. They don’t let the air to circulate and make your baby cry as they could be harsh on the skin.

You can opt for leather, cloth or canvas as they permit the air circulation thereby making your baby happier. Mommies generally prefer buying shoes with velcros or laces for their baby because they’re convenient and durable. They stay on even if your kid keeps fidgeting with them.

When to buy footwear for your baby?

Your baby’s feet are exposed to the dust and dirt when you’re outside. It is important for you to protect your little one’s feet especially outdoors. Once he walks, you can begin your baby’s shoe shopping.

When the baby has taken his first steps, that’s your cue that he’s going to be unstoppable and that his feet need to be protected.

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What not to buy!

Slippers are a bad idea to be your baby’s first footwear. They don’t give much support and the baby will feel not so comfortable and curl the toes in order to balance and maintain a grip. Moreover, it will not help your baby’s motor developmental skills.

How to check your baby’s comfort levels?

Babies have tiny feet and their nerve endings are still developing. So they can fit into any kind of a footwear and any size too. So you would need to let your child walk around a little bit before buying a footwear.

Once you take it off, look out for some red marks on your baby’s feet. They resemble pressure lines and they feel scratchy.

Other signs could be like your child is trying to fidget with the shoes like they’re crying or yanking it off. Sometimes you’ll even see your baby walking funnily because the shoes are uncomfortable.

Also, go for your baby’s shoe shopping in the afternoon as feet tend to swell a bit during the course of the day.

Your baby needs to wear the right kind of shoes because happy feet have happy faces too!


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