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How To Build Self-Esteem And Resilience In Young Children?

It is important to inculcate and develop a few traits in your children from a very young age. Self-esteem and resilience are a few of those personality traits. These two qualities determine what your children grow up to be.

Surrounded by gadgets and social media, we ourselves hand over weapons of self-destruction to our children. One cannot completely deprive their children of technology since it is such an important part of the day to day life. In such a situation, it becomes all the more necessary to make sure that your children have a strong base of certain values and a full understanding of their worth.

Self-esteem is a person’s own judgment of their overall worth. This judgment further determines that particular person’s attitude towards themselves and behavior towards others. Resilience is the ability to face major life changes and find ways to bounce back and thrive.

Here are a few ways in which you can develop self-esteem as well as resilience in your children:  

1. Build caring relationships

A caring and loving household portrays the importance of being together and looking out for one another. This also allows your children to understand the way in which they should be treated and helps them identify any kind of demeaning behaviors, thus building their self-esteem. Caring relationships are important since it teaches children the value of being together and helping one another through thick and thin.

2. Appreciate and treat children with respect

Parents think that it is alright to yell at children but they cannot do the same thing simply because of the age difference. It is essential for everyone to understand that it is not age that commands respect, but actions. Don’t forget to appreciate your children for even the smallest of achievements as this will make them feel valued and respected. Parents should also talk to their kids politely; remember, you get what you give.

3. Be a positive role model

Parents are the first model of adults that children ever get to see and hence it is important to create a positive image in their mind so as to make them resilient to deal with future changes. The way couples handle situations, finances, their behavior towards one another and others in the society teaches kids a great deal. Be in charge of your emotions, and show kindness and compassion.

4. Reaching out to the community

This is an important activity to build both self-esteem and resilience within children. Social interactions will ensure that they are able to interact with a group of strangers and this will boost their confidence and in turn their self-esteem. Reaching out to the community in times of crisis will also let them know that it is okay to ask for help when required; and at the same time, it is essential to help others as well.

5. Developing Thinking skills

Most children are impulsive and happen to jump from thought to action without exploring the thinking stage. Inculcate a habit of thinking before acting within your children and see the change that comes with them over a period of time. This will make them more confident about well-thought-out actions and also make them resilient as they will have backup solutions ready. 

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