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How to boost your immunity this winter?

Come winters and your body starts searching for options to keep itself warm against the chill. Also, the season brings along varied infections that may harm your health. We bring you tips to keep yourself safe from the diseases and boost your immunity this winter season.

Diet plan:

- Keep body warm with healthy options like soups and broths. You can even opt for vermicelli in milk if you have a common cold.

- Include probiotics like yoghurt for a healthy treatment against respiratory diseases common to the season.

- Treat yourself to a choice of nuts and dried fruit to boost immunity.

- Add leafy greens and treats like gajar ka halwa, etc. to add carbohydrate boost to fire up the body heat.

- Avoid drinking alcohol and spirits as these can prove to be bad for long-term health and lower body’s defence system. The same goes for tobacco and other narcotics

- Include fruits like Apple and citrus delights like oranges for a healthy body. Wholegrains and dairy treats like cheese and milk are also good for you.

- Those prone to infections or frequent travellers need to imbibe ginseng to hone immune system defences.

- For overall health use chyawanprash with low sugar content to boost healing and immunity.

- Eating protein rich diet like mushrooms and eggs help body gain essential elements of growth. Further mushrooms are rich in vitamin B and selenium which boost immunity.

Body/ Skincare:

- Take warm food and include spices like cumin, cinnamon, mulethi and ginger. Tea fortified with Ashwagandha and Tulsi can save against throat infections.

- Take bath with Epsom salts and massage your body with coconut (slightly warm) or sesame oil. This will protect you against the harsh winter chill and keep you growing.

- Avoid over drying after a bath and moisturize twice in a day as winter chill tolls heavily on the skin.

Exercise regime:

- Opt for yoga to stay fit and avoid gathering extra flab this winter.

- Walk as much as you can. This will fuel up your body and keep you warm.

- Winters have lower sweating opportunities and therefore regular Exercise will boost body to flush out bacteria and increase circulatory flow.

- Take a sun nap to catch vitamin D when the sun is still rising. This will help boost your immune system.

Keep stress far away:

- Stress reduces the body's immunity and increases chances infections. A hyperactive system leads to increased susceptibility to asthma and autoimmune diseases as well.

- Music and massage therapy are another good options to relax. Further, ensure delegation of duties (both household and work) for a stress-free life.

- Winter season is good for sharing joys. Take time out for a small holiday or share a sleepover with your chum. (Thank me later).

- Keep your sleep schedule well timed and avoid oversleeping as well.

- Mommy's with little children get little time to sleep and hence are more prone to instances of stress and lower immune functions.

- The couples can also receive the benefits of the season to deepen their love (wink!) And have a stress free time bonding.

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