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How to Boost Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Some women conceive effortlessly while some spend months, and even years trying to get pregnant. There are more factors involved in this mystery than one may think. However, there are ways that will help you and your partner to definitely boost your chances of getting pregnant.

Ditch the caffeine:

When you are trying to get pregnant, it is advised to cut back your consumption of caffeine. A number of studies have shown that caffeine can increase the time needed for conceiving. Less than 200 mg of coffee is recommended for women who are trying to conceive. The same goes for soda too as it also contains caffeine. Women who drink more than two servings of soda each day have a 16 percent lower fertility rate as compared to women who do not drink any soda.

Take prenatal vitamins:

Although it is advised to take prenatal vitamins when you get pregnant, doing so before you carry a child can increase your chances of getting pregnant. Eating healthy helps in conceiving and the prenatal vitamins complement the missing nutrients in the mother’s diet. Vitamin B6 has been shown to increase fertility. Take it along with Omega-3 fish oil, as it helps in absorption of vitamins.

Time it perfectly:

It is important to have sex when you are ovulating in order to conceive. Experts tell that there is a window of four to five days, that starts two days before the actual ovulation, during which you can conceive. They recommend to try it a couple of times in this window of time.

Get proper sleep:

Go to bed early as the researchers have found that women who are undergoing IVF treatment show better results when they regularly sleep for seven to eight hours a night.

Do not use lube:

Lube can help in having a great time in bed but it is not good for your baby making plans. Most lubricants negatively affect the sperm mobility, and so can work against your plans for getting pregnant. Even then if you want to use lubricants, you can use ‘fertility friendly’ lubricant. It is pH-balanced and does not hurt your chances of conceiving.

Do not exercise too much:

Shelve your goals until you have a baby. Going for extreme and rigorous exercise can become problematic and harm your chances for conception. Women who work out vigorously are 42 percent less likely to get pregnant than those who do not.

Quit smoking:

Smoking leads to a lower sperm quality, and that is why it is recommended to quit smoking if you are trying to get pregnant.

Do not stress:

Being stressed out will only work against your pregnancy plans. Researchers suggest that yoga, meditation, and other stress management techniques can play an important role in getting you pregnant. Reduction in stress has been shown to increase the ovarian activities.


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