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Making a marriage work isn’t as complicated as it may seem. The relationship does involve more than just the two of you – your side of the family and your partner’s side of the family – but the bond is really only about the husband and wife. If the two of you put in your best efforts in trying to be the best partner your partner could ever have, then you will surely be happy for the rest of your life. No marriage is perfect so don’t get disheartened if you have a couple of fights here and there. Roads are always going to be a little bumpy so it is best to enjoy the journey by accepting each other’s differences time and again.

Do you want to know what it takes to be the best husband ever? Are you sure you have got what it takes? Then continue reading!

Kiss Her On Her Forehead

Well, nobody is really sure why but women like it when they get a kiss on their forehead from their significant other. A kiss on the hand or cheek works well too but nothing says “I love you” and “You mean the world to me” better than that forehead kiss. If she doesn’t really appreciate the forehead kisses you could just stick to hugging her instead but do make sure you do one of these simple acts of affection at least once every day.

Ask For Her Opinion

When it comes to making any major decision, be it at work, something related to your friends or within the family, always ask your wife for her opinion. Talking to her about things that are important to you makes her feel important too. You could also ask her for her opinion on your clothes since she knows what looks best on you.

A Bit Of PDA

So what if we live in a society that doesn’t accept PDA? Things like putting your arm around your wife in public, holding her hand while crossing the road and hugging her when she is upset are natural things that we do. So don’t hold back on your love just because you feel conscious. Flaunting your love for her will make her feel like a total queen and that makes you a …? Yeah, so get PDA-ing around, okay? Okay.

Be A Good Listener

Nothing appeals more to a woman than a man who listens to her. Every night before you go to bed, ask her how her day went and what she has on her mind. Listen to her completely and talk about your day and what’s on your mind only after she is done talking. This late night talking session will only deepen your bond.

Treat Her Right

The most obvious and the most important part of being a good husband is treating her the right way. This means knowing exactly what she does and does not like and acting accordingly. If she doesn’t like your habit of leaving the milk outside the refrigerator, stop doing that. If she likes to cuddle with you during the late night talks, then do that. As long as you are making her feel comfortable, respected and loved, she will think highly of you.

Give Her Some Space

Every human on the planet needs to have some space and time to just sit by themselves. This has nothing to do with you. It’s kind of like meditation except that she may be used to doing things like going out with her friends, going to a parlour/spa, reading a book or even watching a movie by herself. Although you are married, it doesn’t hurt to leave a little room for individuality. You can make use of this time by doing something you enjoy doing as well.

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