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Stress is something that is experienced by everyone - young, old, married, single, with kids, or without. Especially when it comes to parenting, you see them stress out all the time. We get it!! Its a new environment for the parents too, they wouldn't have been accustomed to being a parent. Their schedule becomes hectic and they find no time to do anything they used to do before. No more attending parties, going weekend drives and trips, your entire life would revolve around your lil ones. Most parents wouldn’t know what's happening and how did life get here. This leads to anger bursts, freaking out in simple words losing their shit!!!. This is the same routine for every parent and they think that if their child would just “behave,” they could maintain their composure as parents. But the truth is managing our emotions and actions plays a vital role as parents. Parenting isn’t about what our child does, but about how we respond.

This is one part of the problem and then there we see some parents who seem to be juggling a million things and makes us wonder “how do they do it?”. While pondering the question, here are some of the tricks and trade on how to be a calm and stress-free parent

1. Simplify your life

Most of us take upon ourselves more work than one can handle and later on we’ll feel regretful about taking the task and not able to do it on time. Give priorities to whatever work you can do efficiently and be brave enough to voice your reason. Especially when it comes to parenting kids are the first priority. Even when it comes to them, assign work revolving around them and how much time can u spend with them. PTA meetings, bake sales

2. One thing at a time

Most of the parents try to juggle too many tasks a once so that they can get the work done fast. This leads to stressing out and chances of making mistakes. The simple solution is slow down, take a deep breath and do one task at a time. Take your time while doing it, let it be serving a snack or even changing a diaper, thereby the work gets completed correctly and also you don't have to get worked up over it. When you are with your kids try to give your undivided attention to them and this puts on a positive influence on them.

3. Aim for imperfection

It’s ok to make mistakes, everyone does it. Most parents have that attitude that whatever they do it should be correct. they have fixed someone’s voice in their head that whatever they do is not good enough. For those who think it this way, CHILL OUT!! It's ok when something doesn't go your way. You can do it better the next time. There is no point in stressing out over it.for example if you’re too tired to clean your house before your relatives come for dinner, it's ok, do whatever best you can do.

4. Exercise and play

You know, nowadays parents are so engrossed in their daily routine, each task is like crossing off a bucket list for the day. Kids grow up very fast and parents need to try to spend as much as time as possible. Play with them and make funny faces or crack jokes with them. By this, it removes stress from parents mind as well as it provides a good bonding moment for the parents and kids. These small-small moments are priceless and these are the stuff you remember and cherish it always. Do poems, play indoor games, take them to these.. Trust me it will calm anyone down. This is with respect to your children and their timing. When you need “your” time, try to do yoga or some exercise, take your cycle out or jog, run or just walk around. Don't ask where there are parks available everywhere! These Activities refresh you and also keeps your mind calm. It rejuvenates your soul. It reduces your anxiety, good for your health and lets you take a breath in peace too. Please try and see how your routine will change.

5. Ask for help

Many parents, especially the new ones, their daily routine would involve taking care of their loved ones 24/7 and they won't have time to catch a break. This is one of the main reasons or causes for parents to stress out and get lost with how to handle everything. So a simple solution is to ask for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. There is a quote by Steve Jobs (don't worry it's not with respect to parenting, but yeah! Can be implemented here too) “Ask and you shall receive”, hence ask for it. You have your parents, your neighbors or any other person whom you know well, even there are babysitting places and play homes and you can ask for their help to look after your kids. You might have some important work or deadline to meet, at those times these networks, meaning these would come to your rescue. If you don't have a network of caring, trustworthy people to lean on, it’s time to create one.

6. Pets

Okay!!. This is not a mandatory one. It's just that when you have pets, they always act as a stress buster and adding to it, it also acts as a good chance for your kids to grow with pets. This creates a sense of empathy, kindness and shows them how to behave with other beings too. I know you must think already having a kid and taking care of him takes all your and how can you have a pet also with it. Trust me, pets and kids they bring out the best in people. Go get one and you won’t regret it! Every family needs a pet and every kid needs an animal to grow up with.

See these are some tips to lead a peaceful life and when it comes to parents, peace is a forgotten term. You only get to live once, there is no point in stressing out.Stress is the garbage of modern life. We don’t need it, and life becomes unlivable when it builds up. When things don't go your way take deep breaths, analyze the situation and plan out for the next one. What's already done is done. No need to cry over spilled milk. Everyone makes mistakes, learn from them, enjoy your time with your lil ones. As I said before, they do grow up very fast, cherish the time you have. Try to chill out and follow some of these tips to live a happy life.By doing this you’ll learn to cope with life's frustrations and overcome them easily.

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