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Bathing your baby can be a bit of a tricky task because your baby’s skin is very delicate. It’s not just about them being fussy during bath time - it’s about making sure that their skin stays soft and supple even after the bath. Naturally, in the dry winter season, you only worry more. Should you bathe your baby during these cold, dry months? How often?

It’s especially important to take the right care of your baby’s skin in the winter, because the winter can dry out your baby’s skin and make it more vulnerable to infections and rashes. Here’s what you should know about bathing your baby in the winter:

How Often Should You Bathe Your Baby?

Bathing your baby too often can rob your baby’s skin, making it more vulnerable to rashes and irritation. Try to keep at least a day’s gap between baths. You may bathe your baby daily, but it is best to bathe your baby just 2 to 3 times a week during the winters. Before the bath, make sure to seal the moisture in their skin by using baby oil. Himalaya Baby Massage Oil contains

The Right Temperature For Your Baby’s Bath

When it comes to bathing your baby, you should be careful to always check the temperature before bathing your baby. Ideally, it should be at 38 degrees C. If you don’t have a bath thermometer, then simply check by dipping your elbow into the water. The water should neither feel too cold nor too warm.

Choosing The Right Bath Products For Your Baby

Himalaya Extra Moisturizing Baby Wash

Using the wrong soap can dry out your baby’s delicate skin. So choose one that cleanses your baby’s skin effectively but gently, and is free from irritants like artificial colours and parabens.

With moisturising Olive Oil and Almond Oil, and the soothing properties of Indian Aloe, Himalaya Extra Moisturising Baby Wash is a gentle and nourishing wash that gently cleanses your baby’s skin while keeping it soft. It’s ideal for use during cold and dry seasons, when your baby’s skin needs extra care!

How To Clean Your Baby’s Skin In Winter

Your baby may make a mess throughout the day - while eating or playing. For a quick and gentle clean up without drying out your baby’s skin, gently wipe your baby’s hands and face with a soft washcloth and some warm water. Make sure you wipe the folds of your baby’s skin to avoid infections - this includes the skin on the neck, back, arms and thighs. For a gentle clean up, and to clean your baby’s skin during a diaper change, opt for the alcohol-free Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes. These wipes are enriched with moisturizing Indian Aloe, helping clean and refresh your baby’s skin.

After The Bath Is Done

Himalaya Babycare

The most important thing to do immediately after your baby’s bath is to apply moisturizer on their skin. Apply it  after you have gently patted their skin with a towel, making sure some moisture is still left on the skin. Himalaya Baby Lotion contains Almond Oil and Olive Oil which help moisturize the skin to keep it soft and smooth.

Himalaya BabyCare products are designed to suit baby skincare needs. With gentle herbal actives, they help protect your baby’s skin. So this winter, make sure you keep your baby’s skin safe, by making bath time more gentle and keeping these tips for your baby’s hygiene in mind.

How often do you bathe your baby in the winter? Tell us in the comments!

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