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How to Avoid Fights with the Spouse While Trying to Conceive

Getting pregnant may not always be easy. Even in the peak of fertility, the couples have only 20 percent chance of conceiving each month. This not only adds to the pressure of getting pregnant already faced by the couples but can also turn a fun and hopeful experience into one filled with stress and blame and feelings of guilt.

This sadness and helplessness can turn into arguments, dissatisfaction, irritability, and fights. Try to be a little more understanding towards your partner and realize that they too are under immense pressure just like you. You should try to avoid fights and maintain a relationship of love and support at all cost. Otherwise, relationships can turn really sour during this time. Here are some tips that will help you to maintain a healthy relationship and save you from getting into a fight with your partner.

1. Accept the bumps in the road

There are going to be times when you both will feel completely frustrated and impatient and would want to blame the other person for all that is going wrong. You will feel emotions imploding and exploding, at the same time. But you need to know that this is a normal thing to happen when you are trying to conceive and that no one is to blame. You need to accept this reality sooner and commit to the future. Do not let impatience to win over you.

2. Be each other’s biggest fan

As said, try to understand that both of you are going through an emotional upheaval. This is the time when you need each other the most. When you both get into the ‘trying to conceive’ mode, you are pouring every bit of yourself into it. Appreciate each other’s efforts and support whatever endeavours the other might want to take and prove to them that you are on board with their decisions. Talk openly and tell each other how much everything they do matters to you.

3. Celebrate the victories

 When you are trying hard to conceive, only actually having a baby can feel like a victory. If that is your mindset, every day that you cannot get pregnant would feel like a defeat. Instead, celebrate the little signs of progress along the way, like ovulation or the fertility window, as it will fill you with renewed enthusiasm and help you to carry on.

4. Do not put your lives on hold

 When you devote yourself only to getting pregnant and it becomes the sole purpose of your life, you are not letting yourself enjoy every other thing you loved to do before. So, do the things you wanted to do. Go out with your friends, plan date nights and make them non-negotiable. Take your weekend trips and annual vacations. Do everything you would be doing otherwise because once the baby is on its way, there will not be anytime to do anything new.

Trying to conceive is not just about the right timing and the right technique. It is about making big changes in your lifestyle for the people you love, deepening and strengthening your commitment to your partner, and together nurturing your future. 


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