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How Often Should You Take A Vacation?

Every mom needs a day off. This means a day off from her mom duties, her work life and all that balancing between professional and personal life. Not getting a break can eventually ‘break’ a mom so it becomes necessary to take a break every once in a while. But how often is once in a while?

It seems like the house simply cannot function without mom in the picture so how can a mom get a day off to herself? Of course, when a mom falls sick the family will look after her. But what about when moms just need a break because they feel stressed out? More importantly, how do you convince the family that you need one?

Now, the idea of a vacation is to get away from work AND your mom duties. You can take a mommy vacation as often as you’d like to (and as often as you are permitted to). So, when you take a day off, drop your baby off at daycare. Then proceed to do anything and everything you have been meaning to do for a long time. This includes watching movies, binge-watching TV shows, going to a spa, getting a mani-pedi, or even just lazing around the house - you need to to take time to be by yourself.

Apart from this, you may also want to go on a proper family vacation without stressing out about things. But the very idea of taking a ‘family’ vacation may make you cringe due to the fact that you are not relieved from your mom duties when you are on vacation. Worry not mommies! We have the solutions to all your problems. Listed below are 3 main excuses moms have for why they don’t go on a vacation:

Excuse #1: “We cannot afford it”

This is one of the most common excuses moms have when asked why they haven’t gone on a vacation. But there are so many ways that a mom can go on a vacation that won’t burn a hole in the pocket. Driving down to a place can be less expensive than other options. You can go and visit a relative or even a close friend who stays near/at the place you want to explore. The best part of this is that you get to spend more time with dear ones whom you rarely get to meet.

Excuse #2: “We have pets”

Your pets should be the least of your worries. Most families would do anything to look after your pets for a week. Try to recall someone who absolutely loves pets but doesn’t have any - they could finally experience what it is like to have a pet/ Or perhaps you know a friend who already has pets and wouldn’t mind looking after just one more.

Excuse #3: “There is no time”

Even the busiest of people will have at least one day to spare to just unwind and relax. Make full use of your weekend and plan out a short excursion with the family. Or even better, go on a trip by yourself although this may require waiting till your baby has grown up a little.

So now, you have no more excuses. Just take a vacation whenever you want to - with your family or without.

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