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How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Child In India

When you realize you’re pregnant, the thought of extra expenses is sure to have crossed your mind and if you’re planning on getting pregnant, it makes sense to plan for it financially too. A research shows that it costs around 55 lakhs to raise a child right from birth until s/he turns 21.

Let’s break down the math for you:

A normal or natural delivery in a good hospital can cost anywhere between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 and for caesarean this range goes to Rs. 2,00,000 - Rs. 4,00,000.

After the baby is born, we can broadly divide the costs into housing, education, entertainments and other.

Out of the 67.4 lakhs, 10% is for housing. You might wonder how that comes under raising a kid. Well, when there is an additional person in the family, you’ll want a house with bigger space and multiple bedrooms. Naturally, the costs increase.

Education is where most of the money is spent. After all, you want your kids to go to the best of schools and the get education that’ll make their life easier. These days, it’s not so simple to just pick a school and send your kid to it. Should she study in state syllabus, CBSE, ICSE or IGCSE? After picking the right school, comes the tuition fees, uniforms, books fee, money for those class trips and much more. The fee for all of this is staggeringly high which is why it’s no surprise that 59% of the total expenditure goes to education.

Entertainment will cover all the internet costs, TV costs, movies, books, toys, picnics and anything else that is done to have fun. This accounts for 9% of the spectrum.

The remaining 22% is spent on clothing, healthcare, transportation, food and other miscellaneous things.

This ratio of expenses is of course not true in all the cases. Depending on the family and how they choose to spend the money, it will vary. But an important thing to note from this analysis is how the costs have skyrocketed in the last few years and for an average middle-class Indian, these expenses are only going to increase with coming years. You might have already heard of kindergartens charging lakhs together for admission. This might’ve seemed impossible a couple of decades back but it is the reality that we live in today.


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