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How Married Couples Can Talk About Sexual Problems

There are always two sides to the same tale, and the same way there are two perspectives to issues between married couples. Your sex lives have either dried up or there has been a major issue that is lurking around the corner of your bedroom.

It is quite difficult to just hold it all in and then one fine day when your issues keep loading one above the other you end up holding everything at gunpoint. All you can do now is pull the trigger and watch everything blow apart with your actions. Or you could calm yourself down completely and talk about the things with your partner and work it out. 

Quite sure about the fact that you and your partner have been taking each other for granted and the number of times you made love to each other, must have been out of sheer boredom. Soon when your issues build up, and you realize that you’ve been losing luster even in bed. That begins to bother you and you wonder how to finally talk to your partner about your issues.

There are several reasons as to why couples lose the charm. It could be due to the high amount of stress, job loss or job change, moving to another city/country, the arrival of the baby, the death of a close one etc are the possible reasons that could wreck your sex lives.

If you’re wondering how to talk to your partner about this, keep the following points in your mind:

1. If you see your partner turn into a sloth

If you notice your partner has literally stopped doing all the fun activities he/she used to do amidst the sheets, try a subtle way of getting your point across. You can just talk it out in a way that won’t hurt your partner’s ego. You could be a playful little kitten and make your partner more comfy with you.

2.Talk about SEX

If you have been in a long term relationship or a long marriage and you have never spoken about sex with your partner, then there’s something that’s not right in your relationship. You might find yourself denying ‘the talk’ because you don’t want to make your partner feel uncomfortable and more over you might want to avoid making a fool out of yourself.

Although sex is a very intimate issue, talking about it could actually help you rise in the relationship you have with your partner. Here’s what you can do if you’re too shy about conveying your thoughts to him, read a book about sex and marriage in bed. It will get your partner’s attention and he will ask you things. That way you can easily talk to your partner about things that are troubling you.


Your urge to make love takes a back seat when you think of unwanted pregnancy. Sex is a recreational activity which brings pleasure to both men and women. If you think that your man should be using condoms when you’re engaged in a steamy session, then let him know.

Pulling out(withdrawal method) is not a sure shot way to avoid unwanted pregnancy. So what if you’re married, you can still enjoy sex and avoid having babies till you’re ready.

4.Hear each other out

To work your marriage, you need to talk things out a lot and keep your communication track clear. If you notice your partner is trying to talk to you about things that have been bothering them for a while, it is suggested that you should listen to them. You have to be really patient and calm during this time as it is a very sensitive issue to discuss.

If your partner is talking about it, you should give them a chance and hear them out completely without interrupting them. That’s a great way of showing respect towards your partner. Who knows seeing such respect, things will automatically fall into its own place.

5. Keep away from distractions

If you just keep off, of those things which have been keeping you away from your partner during your ‘sexy time’ half the battle is won.Keep that phone away when your partner is dropping hints on you for some sexy time. 

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