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When you get your first positive result, you cannot wait to start a beatiful 9 month journey with your family. You are not only excited but anxious about providing the best for your little one who is on the way. There is a whole lot that you experience. Right from the first ultrasound, the first heartbeat and morning sickness to the first kick or movement. Pregnancy is a wonderful rollercoaster ride that a mother will never forget, cherishing it forever.

A very overwhelmingly fun part of pregnancy are the food cravings. While there is no exact scientific reason why they occur, food cravings have varied forms. They range simple to completely bizarre sometimes. You will just want to simple rice, daal and vegetable one time - while your body will crave for extraordinary things like peanut butter with achar!

[You can read more on what and why you are craving such bizarrely specific foods!]

Need that food rush!

Food cravings are completely normal and common part of your pregnancy. These cravings are a usual part of the 9 months that you go with your little baby in the womb. They normally start in less intensity when the first trimester begins. Then, slowly, they increase in the second trimester and are much lesser by the third trimester.

Body + Health

Pregnancy is a sensitive time of needing to eat and do the right things. This is because you have to take care of yourself along with your little baby in the womb. Nutrition is for both you and your baby’s development. Food cravings have been explained differently by different professionals. They can be your body asking for strength and energy to keep both you as well as the baby healthy.

It could also be a nutrition deficit that is not enough for the continuing growth of your baby. Sometimes food cravings are natural forms of mental gratification that can help relieve anxiety as you face the struggles of pregnancy. Many women just have the natural genetic habit of craving food that is present regardless of a pregnancy.

Are you being asked?

Doctors have also seen that pregnant women are advised by close family or elders. You, then, ultimately end up eating things based on a cultural expectation. This might be a little dangerous as you might know the actual safety of the foods that you are being compelled to eat.

Thus, your will is important in the end. Along with a doctor or trusted people, you should be the ultimate decision maker. This is because you are the only one who knows what is best for your baby, body and yourself.

How long?

In the end, though, every mother’s body is different and react to these food cravings differently. Along with the affects or influence of the factors above - these food cravings are timed accordingly.

Food cravings are spaced out sometimes in all of the 9 months or are extremely short. Some women experience these cravings little by little in the whole year.

Many new mothers have reported that they even continue to have these cravings much later after pregnancy. A lot of women have talked about and shared how even 6 months after pregnancy they still have the urge to crave bizarre food combinations. The most simple explanation for this might be the fact that your body is still adjusting to a post pregnancy stage.  

Doctors also say that mothers sometimes do not experience food cravings. This absence is completely normal. Mothers are to only ensure that they are eating a safe and healthy diet that is needed during any pregnancy. This way all the nutrients and benefits that mothers need from foods will be easily taken in by your body. So, there is no need to panic ladies! It is alright if you see your friend having a go at ice cream and peanut butter while you clearly do not feel any urge to do so.

Do you have any food cravings to share? Are there any bizarre craving combinations that you have or had? Comment and share ladies! 

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