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How Is Your Love Life Going To Be After Having Kids?

Love and a kid especially a newborn can prove to be two opposite things. However, the lackluster romance can prove detrimental to your relationship. Read on:

1.Fix date nights

Well, date nights are not just for pre-marriage but for new parents as well. Ideally, reserve Wednesdays (midweek reliever) for your date or night off (and stick to it). Remember you have been blessed with an extended family who would be all too happy about babysitting (read Gramps as well as aunties). Take time to woo your partner back and be like the lovey-dovey couple you were pre the baby. Off course you will feel that you will be less of a parent if you ignore the kid but remember that you are working for his benefit in giving a loving family.

2.Compliment each other

Remember the first looks of love you both shared. Remind the stolen glances and lovely messages you both shared. Think of the time period similar to that. Enjoy your loving relationship and increase the communication (yes! You can spare 5 minutes, 5 times in a day for the baby's daddy). If you respect each other, your kid will also respect you both for this. Rather than buying toys your kid will soon forget, invest in a gift for your partner (for the kiddo is enough of a gift from other to you). Compliment each other in their efforts to raise the kid. 

3.Stay comfortable with each other

 Communication is important to a successful marriage. It is ok to be different in parenting approach yet it is important to respect each other's decision. Listen and share with each other the day’s highlight over a cup of tea. Rather than giving advice focus on being a good friend of your spouse. Remember all problems shall pass yet your love should stand tall in this test and emerge stronger. Make a list of the blessings or all things your partner does to make the relationship work (remember to give back thanks like a naughty one)


4.Be in Parenthood together

 The Parenthood is a big deal and it is not just a mom's job. As a good parent, works and share the tasks with partner. It is okay to seek help. Either divide the tasks or work as a team to add time to your life as a couple. Similarly, sleep can be a big gift for a parent (rather than sex) therefore let her relax and slowly she will recover from the fatigue and go back to be a great wife. Grandparents can be a source of strain between the couple (but remember they add up two pairs of helping hands to your parenting plan). Allow them to spoil the kid and join a small family get-together for strengthening your bond. 

5.Take a quickie timeout

 Rather than waiting for the perfect time to sweep the lady off her feet, take time (howsoever small) to share stolen kisses, love notes and even a quick session (of sex sans foreplay). This will keep you both on your toes and make your day special. Keep the foreplay session as a special treat. Also, use a new technique to work on the relationship (a sexy lingerie does the job). 

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