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How Does Your Baby Feel In The Womb When You Laugh?

Pregnancy is a special time. Everything that a mom does, seems to impact the baby. That is why moms are super careful during this time. But while we already know what your food, drink and exercise does for your baby, have you ever wondered what the baby feels when you do something as normal as laugh - it’s something you probably do at least once every day, right?

Laughing during pregnancy is great for you - because a happy mommy is a healthy mommy. But what’s interesting is how your baby feels in the womb when you laugh!

Here’s all that happens!

1. Your Mood Transfers To Your Baby


When you feel happy, the hormones in your body pass through the placenta to your baby, helping them feel calm too. This is why moms are asked to avoid being too stressed during pregnancy. Moms with high stress over a long term can pass this on to the baby. Considering the emotional roller coaster that pregnancy can be, you may not always have control over how you feel. But try to relax more often - take a break, or do some deep breathing. Involve in activities you love, or meet your loved ones for quality time. It is important to allow your stess an outlet during pregnancy for this reason.

Tip: Try deep laughter i.e., laughing from the belly. It leaves you feeling happier because you breathe in more oxygen and increases the endorphins or happy hormones that are released to your brain.

2. Baby Bounces

When you laugh, your baby physically moves up and down. This is a slight movement, but it could explain why your toddler enjoys jumping so much! Don’t worry, there is amniotic fluid all around, cushioning your little one as he bobs up and down.

3. The Baby Remembers Your Laugh


Pregnancy is a time when mom and baby can bond, right? Just like you are trying to talk to your baby and get to know him or her better, they too are trying to get to know their mom. During pregnancy, they can hear you - which is why they recognize and love mommy’s voice from the moment they are born. Similarly, they hear your laugh during pregnancy too, and memorise it. The sound of your voice makes your baby in the womb happy, and the same goes for your laugh too!

It’s important to try to be as happy as you can be during pregnancy, so that you can keep yourself healthy, and your baby happy. Try to manage the stress you experience. Although negative emotions may arise, it is important to rise above them by distracting yourself, or asking for some help to feel better.

Being happy is a one step at a time journey. Start small - try smiling, deep laughter or watching a funny movie. Though temporary, they will set a good start for happiness. Avoid watching horror movies when you’re pregnant - they can stress you out and your baby may stress out too.

What do you do to be cheerful? Share and let the other moms know too!

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