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How Can Working Moms Balance Personal and Work Life?

How Can Working Moms Balance Personal and Work Life?

Today, the role of women in society is changing. Saying that their role in family is also undergoing some change wouldn’t be considered to be preposterous. Yet, that’s not to say that women do not have a definite role to play because that would then make it a sexist comment, isn’t that so?

There’s one universal truth that’s never going to change regardless of the degree of progressive change that’s taking place in society. This truth is that every woman is first a mother and then everything else. Carrying the child for nine months unites the two hearts in a way that’s impossible to foster in any other kind of relationship. Love is often associated with self-sacrifice.

Such is not the case. That’s an urban myth which is afflicting the working mother of today. Working mothers, you don’t need to hear this from anyone. 

As a working mother, there’s a lot that you go through. Separating emotions from rational thought is not easy. The biggest challenge that you face is a conundrum: How to balance one’s personal life and work life effectively?

Mastering the balancing act is difficult, but not impossible. Here are some tips and tricks that you can employ in order to become the ‘so-called master’:

1. Don’t ‘Guilt-Trip’

Don't Guilt Trip

A common problem that working mothers face is guilt: “I am not spending time with my child.” or “I am a bad mother”. And on it goes. Put a stop to such thoughts. Don’t guilt-trip. You are working for your family, your child or maybe even yourself and there’s nothing wrong in that. Focus on the pros of your job, your family and relationships. Maybe it’s because you work your child got the toys that they adore? Guilty for spreading happiness? In that case, guilty as charged.

2. Find the Best Child-Care

Find the Best Childcare

If your kids are too small, put them into a child care facility. Ask your friends and family for references, choosing the best one. The important thing to remember is that if the child-care facility that you first choose isn’t right or isn’t liked by your child, change the child-care facility immediately. Find the one that best suits your child. It’s your child who spends most of their day there. Therefore, it’s important to find a place that they really enjoy. Of course, it should conform to your pre-set parental standards too.

3. Keep Connected With Your Child

Keep connected with your child

Yes, work-life can get stressful and you can often forget your other priorities on account of excess workload. Still, remember your child is not a ‘priority’, they are more than that. Irrespective of how hectic your day is, make it a practice to call your child at least once during the day to find out how they are doing. This is important as by doing so, your child feels loved, cared for and at the same time you don’t lose connect with them. Make this a practice. Even text messages will do when you don’t have too much time. Technology should also be used for the good of relationships.

4. Conduct Family Activities on Holidays

Conduct Family Activities on Holidays

It’s common to let lethargy take over on holidays. Even so, ensure that you can somehow use tact to convert this lethargy into a fun family activity - like watching a movie together. On holidays, when everyone is at home, that’s when as a working mother you need to take charge and make the most of the day. Activities are fun and they bring families closer. Thus, it would be a smart move to conduct some fun activity that’s not too tiring and super interactive. Let your creativity reign supreme this time.

The tips and tricks given above are just some things that working mothers can do to bring some work-life balance into their lives. Every individual has their own tips and tricks. Care to share some of yours? Feel free to do so in the comments section and a big thank you in advance. 

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