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How Breastfeeding Diet Affects Your Baby

You might’ve already heard about how important it is to maintain a good diet during and post-pregnancy. It’s not just to keep you healthy, your little one is affected too. If you find that your baby is fussy during breastfeeding, it could mean that there’s something wrong with what you’re eating.  

Some mothers believe that eating certain foods influences how their baby reacts to their breastmilk. There are a few who say that their babies had less colic the day they hadn’t consumed any dairy products but this also means that you need to get that calcium from other things like green leafy vegetables. 

If your baby is fussy or irritated during breastfeeding, first look into the latching technique and also into how you hold your baby in your arms. If you find that everything is perfect then maybe it’s time to consider your diet. What you eat can influence how much your baby throws up and even the colour of the poop.

It is very difficult to point out which foods to avoid because it is unique to each mother. As a general thumb rule, it is best to stay away from junk and fatty foods, alcohol, caffeine, and fish with high levels of mercury. But apart from this, certain (possibly healthy) foods could also be affecting your breast milk. Some mothers believe onions are the culprits while others say it’s the starch from the potatoes. Whatever it is, if you suspect certain foods then try cutting it out of your diet and observing how your baby reacts while feeding.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while breastfeeding your child: 

1. If you are trying to limit your food intake to shed a few kilos you’ve gained during your pregnancy, don’t go for the calorie-counting method. Eat every time you are hungry, just make sure that whatever you eat is on the healthy side.

2. Drink a lot of fluids - water, juices, shakes and teas. All of them work towards providing ample milk supply for your baby to enjoy.

3. If you have a history of allergens in your family, don’t risk it by consuming them while you are breastfeeding.

All of this doesn’t go to say that you have to flip your breastfeeding diet upside down, just keep doing what you are already doing but with a little more care. Nature has a wonderful way of providing all the necessary nutrients to your baby even if you aren’t getting all of them. 

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