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How and When to Start Home Remedies for Babies

Parents are always finding alternative and complementary ways to help soothe their babies for some ailments, rather than going for traditional western methods, usually believing that the medicines can have some side effects on the baby. This is nothing new and it is completely fine to do so as some home remedies can be really effective. New parents are usually concerned that they may make a bad decision about the safety of home remedies for babies. It can be mortifying to always try to make the right decision, and sometimes you may make mistakes too, but in the end, what is really important is the comfort of the baby.

If a baby is suffering from a serious ailment and it looks like he or she needs immediate relief, it would be best to see a doctor rather than practising some home remedy as they are usually slow in effect. However, small ailments like cold and cough, etc. that cause trouble to your baby can be treated simply and easily by a home remedy. But you need to monitor the condition of your baby constantly and closely for the development of signs of a serious disease.

A simple home remedy made from the natural ingredients from kitchen and garden can usually be quite safe if used in small doses. You can talk to the baby’s doctor to learn which home remedies you can use and in what frequency and dosage. It is really very important to look for allergic reactions to a remedy that you be practising for the baby. It requires an extremely close inspection as babies often cannot tell if there is something that is bothering them or what is bothering them.

Home remedies are really beneficial as they are able to provide relief from colic to teething, cold and cough, and also stomach aches. They are easy to make and save you a trip to the doctor. As your baby grows older you will definitely find it easier and comfortable to use home remedies. Since they are usually made of naturally occurring substances, there is little to worry about using them; you just need to be certain to avoid using any substance that can be potentially toxic to the baby. Also, if you suspect anything going wrong, do not delay in consulting the doctor.

A few of the home remedies that may be used are discussed below: -

1. A raw, sliced onion placed next to the bed or crib can help in breaking up congestion if your baby has a cold.

2. Lemon juice and honey are really effective for the treatment of a sore throat as the lemon can help in drying up the congestion while the honey provides a soothing coating. A study found out that a spoonful of warm honey works better than cough medicines in easing up the kids’ cough. Please note that honey is not safe for children under one year of age.

3. If your infant is suffering from colic, chamomile tea can be given to relax his or her intestinal muscles.

4. Ginger tea can help your baby if he or she feels car sickness. For children over 2 years of age, you can give them ginger tea half an hour before getting into the car. The ginger helps in stopping the stomach contractions that signal the brain that he or she is feeling nauseous.

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