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Household Toxins To BANISH From Your Home

When there's a family at home, a Mom makes it her duty/responsibility to keep the house clean and healthy. The presence of a family, especially a child will strengthen a mom's desire to rid her home of any harmful causing miscreant. Though moms would want to do this very strongly, there will be times when moms would unknowingly overlook some things. These oversights might be a lot more dangerous than you could imagine.

Here, we would like to help you moms become aware of an oversight that is very common: TOXINS!

Yes, it's toxins. Shocked right? You would think that you have already gotten rid of something so obviously unhealthy.

But NO!

There are toxins present in your house, and you need to act fast and banish them from your home.

Now, let's see some of such toxins:

- Fragrance products: Living in a home, you would obviously want it to give off a fresh/breezy feeling, and it is a primal urge to smell good by using a bath soap, or light up your home with fragrant smelling candles, etc. What you don't know is that artificial fragrances are used. Harmful chemicals like "phthalates" are used in this, these phthalates bear harmful effects to your wellbeing like fertility issues, breast cancer, hormonal imbalances, etc.

- Antibacterial Products: Although it might come as a surprise at first as to why an antibacterial product poses a threat to our wellbeing. It threatens us because it contains a harmful chemical called "triclosan". A chemical so vile that it can promote the growth drug-resistant bacteria.

- Vinyl: This particular material has been quoted as one of the most dangerous health hazards to be present in a home. Some of its most harmful effects towards us are hormone disruption, stunted growth, obesity, and other health problems, as well as low IQs. Vinyl is laced with phthalates, chemical plastic softeners.

- Cleaning products: Most of the dominated products in cleaning market are dominated by those involving harsh cleaners. These products, on the surface, remove stains, but if you look a little deeper you will find out these products pollute your home with toxins such as ammonia from glass cleaners, or sodium hydroxide from oven cleaners.


The above-mentioned are but a few toxins in your home, some others include Gardening Products, Non-stick Cookware(Over time it leads to developing of carcinogens), Flame Retardants, Canned Food, etc.

Which is why it is better to "GO ORGANIC" and replace most of the threats mentioned above with those of natural products.

We understand that it is practically improbable to achieve such a feat but you must try to reduce it as much as possible.

At least try and replace your cleaning products with that of organic ones, they are after all ones that you use on a daily basis and could be the most harm-causing culprits over time.

For example, let's look at the floor cleaners: There are now organic Floor cleaners on the market which work just as well as your chemical floor cleaners. Like, "Tinystep Natural Floor Cleaner", which is not only 100% organic but also contains ingredients that are completely natural. Some of which include Vinegar, Baking soda, Neem extract, etc. This floor cleaner is cleaner is clearly a better choice when compared to the others.

So moms make a change for the betterment of your family and click here to purchase.  

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