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Household Hazards And Toxins Every Woman Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most exciting phases that every woman look forward to with bated breath. While the happiness is natural, it is also period when a woman needs to take extra care of her health. In addition to a healthy diet and timely medications, one should ensure that the house is not only clean but also free of harmful toxins and chemicals. The chemicals and toxins often find its way into our homes through the household items such as floor cleaners, room fresheners, paints, carpets, plastic bottles, to name a few. Mentioned below are few household hazards and toxins that every woman should avoid during pregnancy.

The effect of BPA on pregnancy: 

Many women prefer to use plastic drinking bottles. However, without proper knowledge, this choice can prove to be a costly mistake during pregnancy with deleterious consequences. Many of the plastic bottles and containers contain a chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA). In addition to a host of side-effects, prolonged exposure to this organic synthetic compound (BPA) can severely disrupt the normal functioning of the endocrine system resulting in developmental and congenital disorders in the infants. For the well-being of the mother and the baby, it is thus best to opt for the stainless steel bottles, glass bottles or the BPA-free plastic bottles.

Use of Triclosan and Triclocarban containing products:

A soap is supposed to work to your benefit. However, during pregnancy, the effect tends to be just the opposite. Research suggests that Triclosan and Triclocarban, often found in soaps, detergents or toothpaste can prove to be a bane during pregnancy. In spite of being antimicrobials, these two chemicals are known to interfere and disrupt the functioning of the endocrine system (Endocrine Disruptors). Such disruptions not only affect the mother but also go a long way to stall the proper growth and development of the fetus.

Thus, it makes sense to buy soaps or toothpaste made from natural products or those that are free of these antimicrobials.


As the due date approaches, preparations to welcome the bundle of joy starts in full swing. From designing the nursery to buying toys, the excitement is of another level. While painting the house or the nursery, care should be taken to ensure the paint is VOC (Volatile organic compounds) free. High concentrations of VOC (such as formaldehyde, benzene) can be extremely toxic and affect the health beyond imagination. Exposure to VOC during pregnancy (can be through skin contact, inhalation or even ingestion) can spell doom for both the mother triggering complications such as birth defects and miscarriage. Such infants are also susceptible to an altered and weakened immune system that may eventually lead to health problems such as Asthma at a later period. In fact, as per U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a pregnant woman should refrain from entering a newly painted room or a house for at least two days (even in the case of VOC-free paints).

Some air fresheners, pesticides, cleaning solvents, curtains, dry-cleaned clothes are also known to contain VOC. Never buy such items without a proper research. As for the dry-cleaned clothes, do not keep them in the closet immediately. Instead, keep them in the sun for a few hours for maximum benefits.

Disinfectants and floor cleaners:

The floor cleaners are supposed to keep the house germ-free. Unfortunately, many floor cleaners come laden with a plethora of harmful chemicals (such as phthalates) and toxins that can jeopardize your pregnancy, exposing the mother and the baby to a host of extreme health problems.

Most doctors suggest that during pregnancy, a woman should use natural and organic products as much as possible. The advice is no different when it comes to floor cleaners. To deal with this problem with elan, Tiny Step has come up with a blessing in the form of a floor cleaner named "TINY STEP FLOOR CLEANER”. In addition to being 100% natural, the floor cleaner is toxin-free and does not cost you a bomb. So if you are an expectant woman, say No to the harmful chemicals and bring home the “Tinystep floor cleaner” at the earliest.

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