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Tired of an incessantly dripping nose, chronic headaches, or breathing difficulties? Your stuffy nose could be the root cause of your irritable nasal congestion symptoms. A stuffy nose can be extremely annoying and you wouldn’t possibly want to experience the irritation or frustration that goes with a blocked nasal passage. While it’s completely natural for you to think that your stuffy nose is because of excessive mucus build-up in your nasal passage, truth is that you can have a clogged nose as a result of inflamed blood vessels in the sinuses. A cold, flu, allergy, or even a sinus infection can all trigger your blood vessels to get irritated.

Regardless of how you’ve ended up with a stuffy nose, you’d be happy to know that nasal congestion can be treated easily with everyday items that you find in your kitchen! Here’s a list of effective home remedies for a stuffy nose:

Take a Hot Shower

If you have a stuffy nose, have you ever noticed how you breathe way more easily after a hot shower? This happens because the hot steam from the shower helps you thin out the mucus in your nose, thereby reducing inflammation. Don’t wait any longer! Jump into a hot shower right away to help your breathing return to normal, at least for a little while.

Use a Warm Compress

One of the most effective and traditional ways to get rid of a stuffy nose is to use the warm compress. A compress helps you open up your nasal passage and eases your clogged nose. All you need to do is to soak a towel in warm water. Now, squeeze the excess water out of the towel and place it over your nose and then your forehead. For best results, remember to repeat this process at regular intervals. The warm compress is one of the preferred ways to get rid of nasal congestion as it eases out the inflammation in your nostrils.

Sip on Apple Cider Vinegar

You may know apple cider vinegar as one of the premium culinary ingredients that are a must-have in every kitchen. But, what may surprise you is the fact that ACV is a highly effective home remedy too. The potassium in ACV helps thin mucus deposits and its acetic acid content prevents the growth of harmful bacteria that contributes to a clogged nose. For a home remedy to combat the effects of a stuffy nose, mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a cup of warm water. Consume this drink at least 3 times a day for the best results. You could also add a tablespoon of honey to the solution.

Try Some Tomato Juice

Tomatoes have the incredible ability to reduce inflammation in your nasal passage and to open up your sinuses. For relief from a stuffy nose, add a tablespoon of garlic and a teaspoon of salt in a mug of tomato juice. Drink it all up at least twice a day for effective relief from nasal congestion.

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