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Home Remedies For 4 Common Pregnancy Issues

Pregnancy is a time of happiness and joy. You get to eat anything you want, wear pyjamas 24/7, and sleep and rest. It is a blissful time, to be honest, but there are a few things here and there that might put us on this blissful feeling. We care about your time during pregnancy and hence, have come up with a list of problems and solutions that will help you deal with these issues like an expert.

1. Morning sickness

This is the most common problem that pregnant women face. If you’re suffering from vomiting and nausea, we’ve got some great ways help you with it.

1. Load up on liquids, drink water, citrus juices and herbal teas (like ginger) during and between your meals

2. Eat foods that are easy to digest and avoid spicy and salty food

3. Suck on something sour, as it will reduce the feeling of nausea

2. Constipation

The swollen veins, the extra pressure on the pelvis and the increased secretion of progesterone can cause constipation for a lot of expecting mothers. Though the solutions given below may not solve this issues, they will definitely help lessen the pressure.

1. Load up on high-fiber foods, as this help smoothen the functioning of your bowel movements

2. Drinking water is always a good idea to reduce constipation

3. Taking a hot bath will soothe and relax you, which in turn will help smoothen your motions

3. Headaches

Just like everything else, even headaches are caused by hormonal changes. The chances of you being ‘hangry’ (a combination of ‘hungry’ and ‘angry’) are quite high during pregnancy. A few ways to relieve headaches are:

1. Turn down the temperature, as this will help reduce the pain

2. Get a head massage and relax for a while

3. Free yourself from stress with some meditation. It is going to make you feel much better.

4. Heartburns

A lot of women experience burns and a fiery feeling in their throat and chest. They can be very painful and uncomfortable for pregnant women. Here are some effective solutions for this.

1. Chewing gum produces more saliva that will, in turn, reduce the chances of a heartburn

2. Don’t have a gum around you? No problem. Drink something cold instead.3. Your sleeping pattern has an effect on this as well. If you end up sleeping as soon as you finish your dinner, the chances of getting a heartburn is high. So, give it

3. Your sleeping pattern has an effect on this as well. If you end up sleeping as soon as you finish your dinner, the chances of getting a heartburn is high. So, give it some time before you fall asleep.

We hope these solutions help ease your nine months. It is the most crucial and important time of your life as you have a miracle inside of you. Stay healthy, stay happy!

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