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Holi Is Coming! Fashion Tips On How To Dress Your Kids Up

Holi is a festival of colours and we can't wait to splash some more colours on you and your super stylish kidos!!!

Winter and water is a chilly (not that chilly now!) combo. So, we all should make sure that our kids should ENJOY but most importantly be SAFE!! Don't you worry here we are with 3 super fun & stylish looks to dress up your little ones for this festive season...come on let's check them out!!

1) White is sooo Bright 


White suit along with a Blue poncho and White strappy embellished sandals, Pink hairband.

Dressing a girl for Holi is soooo much fun...we all know white is the most preferred colour so, keeping the legacy and tradition in mind here I have layered her up with a crisp plain White cotton suit along with a churidar (as salwar is bulkier) and a Blue multicoloured hand embroidered warm poncho on the top. The white suit gives a lot of window to our kids to enjoy a canvas of colours over them and poncho looks super groovy and saves them from cold. Just a perfect blend and layering for this festival...right?

A White embellished sandals goes very well with her look and accessory like a dark Pink pleated hairband will give her a heart capturing awwwww affect and keep her hair intact!!!

2) Black Beauty 

Black bell sleeved top along with a pair of Black pants, Black twin strappy sandals, a pair of Black eye shades and a Black netted hairband

Another classiest colour in this season, actually in all seasons is none other than our favourite colour - Black. Black solves twin purpose - it's warm in nature so, saves from cold and other colours look beautiful over black...imagine neon Pinks and Greens wow amazing right??

Here I coupled up a plain Black bell sleeved top which adds a lot of drama to her look along with a plain Black cotton chino pants which keep her covered and gives her a super swanky all Black look.

Added a pair of Black twin strappy sandals with Beige floral buckled belt, a pair of Black eye shades and Black netted hairband which makes the entire look super urbane.

3) Pink is in 

Pink and White Buttoned sailor shorts, light Pink full sleeves shirt, multi-coloured embellished strappy sandals along with a heart-shaped printed Red & White scarf and a pair of Black multicoloured eye shades.

Yes, I agree it's cold but a trendy combo with shorts is a must this Holi as it looks cute and ohhh sooo dashing!!!

So, here I merged up to charming Pink coloured sailor shorts which had very smart white button details along with a light Pink full sleeves shirt which added such a modernistic touch to the entire look.

To make it more snappy and cool I added more shades of Red and White to it by adding a scarf which had very cute Red printed hearts over it along with a pair of multi-coloured embellished sandals. To add that final swag I added a pair of swanky multicoloured framed eye shades.What do you think looks like a perfect Holi look....right everyone?

Try these looks today on your little one and let them enjoy this amazing festival of colours. Happy Holi looks = Happy Holi kids....yupieeeee, Happy Holi everyone!!! 

Holi is a festival of colour, festival of fun and festival of happiness but make sure your kids are safe and playing around with safe colours!!! is a dreamy platform, which will invent, inform and inspire all the mothers (and fathers too!) about new fashionable lookbooks & fun pairings, Delightful DIY’s and much more. 

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