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Himalaya Vs Johnson & Johnson

Alright so the pint-sized wonder has entered your lives and you all have erupted with joy. Now what next? Well I know, everyone is unanimously yelling baby-care! Yep! you are right! Baby care is undeniably one job where everyone wants to go that extra mile to procure the best. And with the present day market flooded with various brands to choose from in this category, it becomes all the more difficult since you get carried away and are more likely to be, spoiled of choices. You will not be bothered with the expense mostly because you are looking for the best however if you happen to get something which is economical as well then it is like an added bonus. I have to confess that I am one of those as well!

To begin with you will go on a baby powder hunt. When my little one was born, I instinctively went for Johnson & Johnson baby powder. The reason being, it was the most used, it felt like baby care was synonymous with Johnson & Johnson products. But suddenly I grew curious and decided to reason with myself, as to whether I made the right choice. I must say I wasn’t really disappointed about my choice!

Now I did not stop at that! Picky that I am, I decided to try out a home-grown Indian brand. Yes you could call me swadeshi and all that but why not? So I just walked around and picked up the Himalaya baby powder. Undoubtedly the contents were alluring. Almond oil, Olive oil, khus khus, natural zinc. The presence of natural ingredients is a boon. Well we all know that almond oil moisturizes very well and softens the skin and olive oil is enriched with vitamin E and vital in retaining the skin’s elasticity, nourishment and also aids in keeping the skin supple. I noticed that it is quite soothing and helped in preventing chafing. My thumbs-up to khus khus! It really worked as an anti -perspirant and its astringent properties aided in keeping the baby dry and comfortable at all times. And finally natural zinc, no wonder it is known for possessing antiseptic properties which proves useful in healing wounds. No doubt, Himalaya too made me happy.

So I was rest assured about using powders from both these brands. The fact that they have both undergone extensive dermatological testing is good to know. Bonus is that price-wise, they are good quite economical and come in convenient packs. All these exertions and experiments have lead to one thing is for sure, I would recommend either or both of these for sure to anyone I know!

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