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Hilarious Conception Stories You Can Relate To

While there could be certainly tears and frustrations while trying to conceive, not all the stories are disturbing and sad. Conception stories could be emotional, surprising, shocking, or downright hilarious tales in the arsenal of parenting stories. So, here are a few hilarious conception stories that would tickle your funny bones and give you a good laugh.

Overly exhausted mommy

My 2-year-old son is a Scorpion (November born). It is said, “If your child takes birth in November, there is a high possibility that you had a romantic valentine’s day that year”. If you are a newly married or trying to conceive couple, it might be true too. But if you are a mommy of a toddler who keeps running around the house like a topless blender, enjoying the valentine’s day and having a passionate night is a far-fetched dream. My DH, after 9 to 5 office work, was ridiculously romantic and I was dead tired. Just like an ideal wife, I didn’t want to disappoint him. So, I just laid on the bed and said: “Have at me!” And of course, before we finished off, I was fast asleep. Exactly after 9 months, we had a beautiful baby boy.

One last time

My hubby and I are big planners. We were married for 5 long years and we thought we were not ready for a family yet, although deep down we wanted to have a beautiful baby in our life. Finally, we consulted a doctor to get back on birth control. We both were a little sad. So, we decided to DTD (Do the deed) without protection for one last time. I wasn’t ovulating as I was expecting periods any day (or at least, that’s what I thought). But, my periods never occurred. I took a prego test.. and voila! It was positive! That one last time without protection changed our lives forever.

Mental math mistake

It was our anniversary, after a relaxing day out and a candle-lit dinner in our home setup, my husband and I were getting frisky. We follow calendar method. So, I calculated the ovulating days in my mind and calculations came out ok to do the deed. We did, we enjoyed and we slept. Later that month, periods didn’t visit me. I looked at the calendar and then, it hits the nail on my head - My mental math mistake. I always thought I am good at maths but this time I failed terribly. And the result? A cute little baby.

Goofing off condom or a super sperm?

My husband was travelling to France for a year on work. Just before he left to the airport, we had a good time and did the deed. Of course, with a condom on (We didn’t want to have a baby at least for 2 more years). Only after a month or so, I realized that either we used a goofing off condom or my husband’s sperm is a super sperm to find a way out of the condom. Either way, our “We-don’t-want-kids-right-now” converted to unbound happiness when we saw the positive prego test.

Am not pregnant!

My first daughter was 7 months old and it was obviously a busy period for me - Cleaning, feeding, putting her to sleep, doing laundry, dishes. One day, it came to my realization that I am peeing all the time and I thought, “I have a UTI again!” I booked an appointment with my gynaecologist. In the hospital, the medical assistant asked me if I am pregnant and I was super confident that I was not. But as a precaution, they did run a pregnancy test once they received my urine sample. When my gynaecologist was back with the report, she had a confused look on her face. And my mind thought of every possible thing - from cancer to STD (Someone would have found himself murdered that day if it was STD). But my gynaecologist smiled and said, “Congratulations! You are pregnant!” I was confused and my reply was, “No, I am not!”. My gynaecologist verified the reports again and confirmed I was. I took time to accept the fact but it was the best surprise ever. 

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