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Here's Why You Need To Go Natural In Home Care For Your Little One's Sake

Don't we all have this notion in our head that as time has passed by and all the advancements in technology our everyday life has become better? We have better medicines, transportation, infrastructure, gadgets and the list goes on. Let's not forget that our everyday household products have changed drastically over the year. Do you think it's all for your good? With the only aim to satisfy the consumer immediately many companies load their products with harsh chemicals. We don't know the details of all the ingredients and what havoc they unleash in our homes.

From cleaners to aromatic room sprays here's a list of substances you should watch out for!

Glycol Ethers

Glycol ethers find its application in many products. It’s a very important ingredient in many cleaners, soaps, and cosmetics. Continual exposure of Glycol Ether results in conditions like narcosis, pulmonary oedema and severe liver and kidney damage. When inhaled causes respiratory irritation and anaemia. Minors exposed to it show reduced weight gain and suffer from eye irritation.

Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) is a compound that is used for water purification.It's not uncommon to find its place in the ingredients list of a majority of disinfectants, bleaching products.It causes discomfort to the eyes, nose, and throat upon exposure.What makes it extremely dangerous is the fact that it is very poisonous when it enters our body.


Ammonia is a powerful chemical used in many household cleaning products. Ammonia is a very volatile substance and quickly evaporates without leaving behind any remains. Its mainly used for its bleaching and cleaning properties. Inhalation of ammonia causes severe damage to the lungs as it produces a pungent odour. Upon contact with skin causes irritation.

Of course, there’s a solution to all this!

After reading about these harmful chemicals, we will be baffled by the question of how to avoid these chemicals. Well, we have got your backs covered. Our Tinystep floor cleaner is the only naturally derived floor cleaner made of mainly vinegar, baking soda and neem extract. Your common floor cleaner contains either one or all the above-stated chemicals. Not only do they kill the germs, but also put your family at risk! Your baby is the one to be affected severely because he/she spends the majority of the time on the floor playing. By going natural you can shield your baby from harmful chemicals and at the same take a step towards a better and brighter tomorrow. Want to order it now? Click here!

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