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Here's How Nutrition Helps In Your Child's Overall Growth

When your child is still growing, you need to ensure that they get the right kind of nutrition. The kind of food they eat affects their overall development. Their physical and cognitive development is in the formative years and so it is very important to monitor their nutritional health.

Including a variety of foods is important for your child’s growing needs and different nutrients have different benefits for your child’s health. Here we have listed out the important nutrients your child needs, what it does and where to get them:

1. Proteins and Amino Acids

An important nutrient for those growing muscles, proteins provide your child with energy when they run out of energy from carbs. Meat contains all the necessary amino acids for your child’s growth. Plant proteins, however, miss out on one or more of these amino acids. You can help your vegetarian child meet their protein needs by giving them enough vegetarian proteins every day.

2. Calcium

This nutrient is important for the development of your child’s bones and teeth. If your child has sufficient calcium, they will be able to develop strong bones and this will help prevent bone fracture and osteoporosis later in life. Milk and other dairy products are a great source of calcium so make sure that your kids have them on a daily basis.

3. Iron

Your child needs iron to grow into a strong, healthy adult. Aside from spinach, your child can also obtain iron from kidney beans. In fact, kidney beans (8mg iron/100gm of kidney beans) contain more iron than spinach (3mg iron/100 gm of spinach). It is easier to make kids eat Rajma so that’s good news for everybody!

Nestlé CEREGROW is another yummy way to meet your child’s daily requirement of iron. It contains 4.5mg iron/100gm of cereal. Click here to buy it now.

4. Vitamins

Vitamins help your child develop a strong immune system and overall health. Different vitamins provide different benefits. Vitamin A is good for the eyes, Vitamin C and E are good for the skin and hair, and Vitamin D is good for building strong bones and muscles. You can find them in various fruit and vegetables. Nestlé CEREGROW contains a good amount of Vitamin A, C and D.

5. Fats

As you may know, fats help protect the body from infections and make the body stronger. Fats also help regulate the body temperature. Your child can obtain fats from dairy products like cheese, butter and also from meat like chicken, fish or red meat. Nestlé CEREGROW contains a total of 9gm of fat per 100gm. So you can feed your child Nestlé CEREGROW along with some milk, nuts and fruit and call it a meal.

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