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Here's How Breakfast Improves Your Kid's Concentration in School

You probably already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After going all night for several hours without any food, breakfast gives you the much-needed energy that helps start your day. So for your growing child, who spends all day being active as he explores the world, breakfast can make or break the rest of his day. Whether your kid is a picky eater or has no time for breakfast, he needs to make breakfast a habit, so that he can optimise his nutrition and his brain power.

Breakfast and Health

Children who eat breakfast are able to get more fibre, total carbohydrates, and also eat lesser fat and cholesterol. They also consume more Iron and Vitamins B and D. Moreover, for both adults and children, eating breakfast helps maintain a healthy BMI, lowering chances of obesity or becoming overweight.

Children who eat breakfast also have more energy throughout the day, encouraging them to play and be active.

Breakfast and School

Many studies have shown that children who eat breakfast perform better in school. This could be linked to the nutritional value of breakfast and the child’s hunger as well. As we may already know, the school can get a little boring, and with your child feeling hungry, they may not be able to pay full attention to school tasks.

Eating breakfast before class can help your child pay attention and have an impact on memory, and therefore help them perform better during school. It can also help with improving mathematical performance and attention in class. Your child may also behave better in school.

In fact, children who eat breakfast perform twice as well on their tests and tasks in school, because they can concentrate better when they are not hungry. Hunger can affect your child’s concentration, attention and memory. Gifting your child the best education begins with feeding them a healthy breakfast.

What Makes A Breakfast Healthy?

Of course, breakfast by itself is insufficient. Your growing champion needs a healthy, nutritious breakfast that will fuel the rest of his day. Breakfast, like every other meal, should be balanced, offering your child a variety of food groups - grains, proteins, fruits and healthy fats.

Some breakfast options you can try including are-

- Eggs and whole grain toast

- Fruits and yoghurt with nuts (optional, depending on your child’s allergies)

- Oatmeal with fruit

- Fruit smoothies with spinach

Make Time For Breakfast

Of course, you may be tight on time to make breakfast while also getting your kids ready for school. But manage your time well by waking your kids up a little early, getting their clothes and shoes prepped the night before. This can make time for breakfast in your morning routine.

A quick breakfast idea for your little one is a bowl of Nestlé CEREGROW. It only takes a few minutes to make and it gives your child a good start to the day. It has the goodness of grains, milk and fruits that make it a balanced, nutritious breakfast which will get your child ready for all the tasks of the day. CEREGROW also gives your little one 25% of his daily Iron requirements, Vitamins, calcium and protein. The best part is that it tastes great! You can buy it here.

Remember to lead by example. Make sure you eat breakfast every day and teach your children the healthy habit at an early age. They will thank you for the rest of their lives!

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