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Here's 5 Things No One Tells You About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding your baby is an important choice you make as a new mom, because you know how beneficial it is for your baby’s nutrition, healthy growth and development. But while it may be the best choice, it may be overwhelming or confusing when you don’t know as much about it.

Here are 5 important things you should know about breastfeeding that no one tells you:

1. Every Baby Is Unique

Every baby has their own way of feeding. They sometimes feed slowly, sometimes quick, and sometimes, they fall asleep when they’re feeding. It can be easy to feel confused or lost, but understanding your baby’s feeding patterns and finding a comfortable position or using a nursing pillow can really help make it less uncomfortable.

2. Your Nipples May Bleed

Most moms notice that the skin around the nipples becomes dry and irritable. You may even experience bleeding nipples due to the cracked skin, but this is normal. Using a cold compress can help soothe the pain, and applying a baby-safe and soothing nipple cream can heal cracked and irritated skin.

3. Tenderness and Engorgement

Breastfeeding may be the best option for mom and baby, but it can get painful. Your breasts may become engorged due to surplus milk, and feeding your baby frequently is a way to relieve this. But in the case of severe engorgement, when feeding can be difficult, express milk with a breast pump, which also helps you feed your baby on the go!

4. Your Breasts Will Leak

Pregnant women and new moms tend to lactate automatically when they hear a baby cry, even if it’s not their own baby. As a breastfeeding mom, your breasts will leak very often, and while this is normal, it can be difficult to manage. Always wear reliable and comfortable nursing pads or bras that help handle leakage, while also being nursing-friendly.

5. You Will Learn

Breastfeeding is a learning curve. You don’t wake up one day knowing all about it, but as you spend more and more time nursing your little one, you get better at it. Don’t blame yourself if you’re struggling now. It does get better. You will definitely find it easier soon.

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