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Here Are Some Reasons Why Your Child Hates Brushing And What You Can Do About It

Every morning, your little one gives you a tough time when you try to brush their teeth. It seems like most moms would agree - kids do not enjoy brushing. Improper dental care can lead to cavities. Children who get cavities on their milk teeth are more likely to get cavities on their permanent teeth as well.

Despite your efforts at keeping your little one’s milk teeth as healthy as possible, making regular dental care a habit in your child seems to be a challenge. Before you try to find solutions to make your kids brush, it’s important to know why they don’t like to.

We put together a list of reasons why kids don’t like to brush, and some solutions for you to try.

1. Sensitive Gums

Children have a higher sensitivity to new feelings, like the way the brush feels against the gums. It could also be that their gums are tender because of new teeth erupting.

The Fix: Some moms say that wrapping sterile gauze around your child’s toothbrush can make it feel softer and less sharp on your child’s gums. You can do this initially on the first teeth of your baby, but as more teeth start erupting, try to gradually brush without the gauze, and with the toothbrush.

2. Taste Of Toothpaste

Your child may not let you get beyond 10-20 seconds of brushing, and may seem very eager to spit out the paste. This is because children have greater number of taste buds, which are more sensitive. As a result, they find minty toothpaste too spicy.

The Fix: Choose a kids toothpaste with a refreshing fruity taste. It will not only make brushing easier, but fun for your little one too! Whether it’s a pink strawberry flavoured or a blue bubble fruit flavoured toothpaste, Colgate Kids has fruity and fun toothpaste that protects your little one’s teeth from cavities, while keeping brushing fun.

3. Easy Distractions

Kids have a low attention span. While you’re starting to brush their teeth, they may suddenly remember their favourite toy. Brushing can also feel boring to them as it is a daily routine. But there are ways to make this less tedious for them.


The Fix: Use your child’s favourite toys or characters! While you’re brushing your kid’s teeth, allow them to use an extra toothbrush to brush their toys’ teeth. Or just try using the Motu Patlu characters on the Colgate Kids Toothpaste tubes to hold your child’s attention while you brush their teeth! Colgate Kids now comes with free Motu Patlu trading cards to encourage your child to brush their teeth. 

No matter how young, kids usually fuss when they are not able to choose what they want. They like to feel a small degree of independence. So allow them to choose their own toothpaste - let them choose if they want pink toothpaste or blue, Barbie, Spiderman or Motu Patlu. Give them a choice of toothbrushes, and then give them some time to try brushing by themselves. Once they are done, tell them that you will just do one last thing, and then brush their teeth properly for them. They will be less likely to resist when you’re giving them choices.

Finally, take some time to get creative - whether it’s games or stories, making brushing fun for your little one can help create the habit early.

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