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Here’s Why Having Sex Often Is Good For You!

Sex is still considered a kind of taboo in a growing country like India. Everybody likes to have sex but doesn't want to admit it! Science says that you should have a lot of sex.  When it comes to your physical and mental health, sex has numerous advantages. Sex experts advise couples to have sex every single day.

 Here is why you should be doing it:

1. Sex lowers the risk of prostate cancer in men

A research conducted by Harvard Medical School proved that with more number of ejaculations, lesser was the chance of men contracting prostate cancer. Somehow, the reason behind why this happens is still unfound but hey, wouldn’t you want to live a little longer anyway? 

2. Give a cold shoulder to your cold

Research has proven that having sex at least twice a week, promotes the release of antigens like immunoglobulin A. These antigens help your body to fight off cold and any other flu that you might have otherwise contracted. Having sex every day of the week would then almost make you immortal.

3. Youth and confidence

Having sex every day does not just benefit your inner body but also your outer physique. In a study conducted by a clinical neuropsychologist, it was proven that men and women, who had sex more than three times a week, were thought to be younger, brighter and more confident. So instead of spending your money on face creams and gym sessions; have some fun in the bed (or wherever you prefer, for that matter).

4. Goodbye, menstrual cramps

Some women have unbearable menstrual cramps and need constant medication to keep this under check. Having sex on a regular basis reduces your menstrual cramps and even stops them completely in certain cases.

5. Increases fertility

Having sex on a daily basis increases fertility in both men and women. This prepares your immune system for pregnancy, which is extremely important in increasing your chances of having a baby.

6. Keeps your blood pressure in check and brings down your stress levels

In 2005, a study conducted showed that couples who had sex every day had lower blood pressures (proper limits) and lower stress levels. So now there is no need to spend money on blood control medications or on sessions with a psychiatrist.

7. Enhances blood circulation and sleeping patterns.

When you have sex every day, your blood circulation enhances, which further repairs your hair, skin, tissues, and immunity. It also induces better sleeping patterns, a welcome change from your otherwise erratic schedule.

8. Longer lifespan

A hormone called – dehydroepiandrosterone, is released when one has an orgasm. This not only adds more years to your life but also leaves you looking fit and more glowing than before. Having sex every day also promotes the release of various hormones in men as well as women, which keeps their cholesterol in check.

9. Increases your level of intelligence

Having sex calms down your brain’s activity and hence gives you more space and time to think about things. This makes you a rational thinker and basically, a genius. So, spend some quality time with your partner, doing recreational activities rather than pouring over countless books to become a knowledgeable geek.

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