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Hectic Lifestyle of Mom and Why they need Iron

This blog was originally written by Madrassi Deepa. Click here to view more of her work.

I had attended an event organized by Tropicana India and Tinystep called “Keeping Up With Nutrients”. The event started on time with a speech made by a dietician, nutritionist and an R&D expert from Tropicana. There was a talk on the topic “Essentially Speaking”. Yeah, Essentially Speaking, lots of women suffer from anaemia and I am one among them. Iron plays an important role in a woman's life, right from their stress level, each and every problem around them depends on the iron content.

My doctor had prescribed several pills and tonics to improve the iron level (haemoglobin count) in my body. But I never liked the smell of either of them as they made me feel giddy. This is why I now prefer my miracle drink – beetroot juice. My doctor said that this drink would help improve the blood count.

But being a mom of two in a nuclear family means taking care of all the household chores, the kids (playing, walking, talking, crying), family’s health and of course, doing my job – blogging. After doing all of these things, all I want to do is relax for a while but to be honest, I never find the time to actually take interest in my own health.

I consulted my doctor about how to deal with “stress”. She laughed and told me that it could be caused by a lack of micronutrients in our food due to a rushed lifestyle. When the haemoglobin in the blood reduces, the flow of oxygen also reduces thus affecting our health both physically and mentally.

When my haemoglobin levels are low, I can sense it very easily. I would start shouting for all the little things, become moody, tired and drowsy. I even get migraines and indigestion which makes me feel down for a couple of days. This doesn’t just happen to me. Most of us face this micronutrient deficiency – mostly women and some men as well.

Preparing fresh juice or a healthy snack would be tiresome for moms since we also have to help our kids with their homework/projects. But now there is a solution to my problems – Tropicana Essentials IRON juice. Each and every pack of this juice is iron fortified. A 200 ml pack of this juice will help you meet 15% of the RDA of iron.

These juices are 100% fruit and vegetable juice with no added sugar or preservatives. The micronutrients present in these juices are carried throughout the body through our blood. They can be consumed like regular juice along with our regular diet, not as a supplement.

Also, since these juices are packed in Tetra Paks which allow the juice to be preserved for longer, they are free from preservatives. These juice packs are also easy to carry around. The fortified juices help boost your micronutrients.

Also, none of us consumes the right amount of micronutrients through just our diet. When it comes to kids, most kids are very selective about what they can and cannot eat. Few will refuse to eat spinach and carrots and others may flatly refuse to eat any fruits or vegetables. So, I would suggest using Tropicana Essentials FRUITS & VEGGIES to meet the daily requirement of fruits and vegetables. 1 glass (200 ml) of this juice covers 1 out of the 5 recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

The juices were too good, even with no added sugar. Not only me, even my kids loved the fruit flavour and now I am a happy and proud mom. Give a try and live healthily.

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