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Heartbreaking: CCTV Shows a Girl Child Abandoned by a Woman in Muzaffarnagar


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Babies are the most precious gifts that parents have. The amazing things you learn from your babies is something that is invaluable. Similarly, the love that they have for you is overwhelmingly sweet.

A recent event that has kept everyone speechless and shocked regarding this importance of love. Read on to watch how CCTV footage shows a baby girl being abandoned by a woman in Muzaffarnagar.


Photo is only for representation purpose

Left to fend for herself

The Economic Times has shared a video which was posted on Twitter by news agency ANI in an article recently. A baby girl is seen being abandoned by a woman in live action CCTV footage from Wednesday. The baby girl is being given treatment and is in critical condition. Doctors are worried and hoping that she recovers.

Watch the heartbreaking video here:

The article also talks about similar events that have been occurring. These cases were also first seen on CCTV and then booked by the law. In a case of child abandonment, it is punishable under section 317 of the Indian Penal Code. With statistics, the article states that it is actually not a new phenomenon. The reasons to abandon include earning, gender, etc.

Photo is only for representation purpose

What do you feel and think about this case? Share your opinions! 

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