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Being a mother is not just about caring for your loved ones, you should also take care of yourself. When you become a mother for the very first time, there is hardly any time to do everything that you thought you would, before the arrival of the baby. Post delivery, your baby is your world and you channel all your energy to do what is best for them.

While all this is very good, it is extremely important for you to concentrate on your health in order to give your best to your baby. Here are a few health secrets for new moms:

1. Break a sweat

You have been given this advice by countless health magazines, your doctor and even probably your friends. But do you actually follow it? If not, now is the time to start. Removing at least 30 minutes from your daily schedule to do some moderately intensive exercise would give your immunity, all the boost that it requires. You can also take an off on Sundays from exercising, but follow a routine on rest of the days, religiously.

2. Clean hands, healthy life

We don’t realize it, but our hands do a lot of work, which naturally leads to there being a lot of germs onto them. Keeping your hands clean, both during and after the pregnancy is of utmost importance. Once your baby is born, you change their diapers; handle their dirty laundry and various such other things. Due to this, your hands get infested with germs which need to be immediately eliminated. This will prevent you as well as your little one from falling sick.

3. Laugh!

We realize that motherhood is an extremely serious thing but there is no need to grow up all of a sudden. Remind yourself that it is okay to be confused and unaware of things. Play and have fun with your baby as well as with rest of the members in the house. A good giggle will help your body to produce white blood cells thereby making sure that you catch no infections, colds and flu.

4. Get Immunized

It is a misconception that once you are immunized during your childhood, you remain immune forever. Mothers-to-be are three times more susceptible to cold and flu than other women. Infants of vaccinated mothers have a lower chance of catching the flu from their mothers, than in other cases. At least a basic – tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis vaccine is recommended in late pregnancy to prevent infants from catching any infections from the mother.

5. Eat Healthy

Doing good exercise should also be accompanied by a balanced diet. Consuming healthy and nutritious food will keep your body guarded against all types of diseases, postpartum. Having yoghurt every day stimulates the formation of immune cells in your body, look for labels that say ‘live’ or ‘active’ culture on the yoghurt. Research also showcases the immune boosting power of garlic, black and green tea. Limit your daily caffeine intake throughout the duration of your pregnancy, and even post delivery. Vitamin-C and Zinc rich foods will also help you feel healthy and energized.

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