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Health Benefits Of Vitamin E: Why Is It So Important For You?

Health Benefits Of Vitamin E

You must have read in your primary school lessons that vitamins are among the vital nutrients that derive multiple benefits for us. Among all the other vitamins, if you get to know the real Vitamin E benefits you will find them quite astonishing; it helps us in surprising ways that you have probably never imagined before. Starting with Vitamin E benefits to get rid of cardiovascular disorders to many more – the list of health benefits is quite large. If you thought that the health benefits of Vitamin E are only limited to hair and skin then it’s time to revisit the thought again.

Table Of Contents:

‣ What Is Vitamin E?

‣ Food Items That Are Rich In Vitamin E

‣ Health Benefits Of Vitamin E

‣ What Happens Due To Vitamin E Deficiency?

What Is Vitamin E?

Health Benefits Of Vitamin E


Vitamin E also was known as Tocopherol is an antioxidant which is fat soluble in nature. Vitamin E function by destroying the free radicals which if present in your body can lead to the occurrence of serious health problems. If that’s not enough then one would be very happy to know that Vitamin E also slows the ageing process. But the arena of health benefits of Vitamin E is quite gigantic, and the more you read the more you will be surprised. Available in 8 different forms, almost everyone is aware that consuming Vitamin E foods rejuvenates one’s skin and hair. Recent official studies have held Vitamin E responsible for the well being of brain and heart.

Food Items That Are Rich In Vitamin E

Health Benefits Of Vitamin E


At times our daily diet doesn’t consist of sufficient vitamin E leading to the occurrence of Vitamin E deficiency. In order to avoid that, it is recommended to incorporate Vitamin E rich foods in your diet.

‣ Vitamin E rich vegetables: Parsley, Kale, Sunflower seeds, Almonds, Spinach, Turnip greens

‣ Vitamin E fruits: Avocado, Mango, Kiwi Fruit, Mamey sapote, Apple, Cherry

‣ Other foods that contain Vitamin E: Goose meat, salmon, crayfish, snails, octopus, lobster

‣ Few artificial sources of Vitamin E are: Vitamin E capsules and Vitamin E oil

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Health Benefits Of Vitamin E

You must be aware of some of the miraculous benefits owed by Vitamin E. thanks to extensive research, that some of the shocking Vitamin E functions are popping out almost each and every day.

Health Benefits Of Vitamin E


Here are some to get you started:

1. Diminishes Age-old Scars: Vitamin E oil owns the ability to conceal stubborn scars. One owning ugly stretch marks can also apply the Vitamin E oil over the affected area to get rid of it. Vitamin E benefits for skin are numerous and 100 % effective.

2. Say Bye To Aging: One of the widely popular Vitamin E benefits for skin is its anti-ageing effects. One of the uses of Vitamin E capsules implies the above advantage when used as a moisturizer.

3. Sun Protection: Say goodbye to your ineffective sunscreen cream and adopt Vitamin E oil as it could protect your skin from hyperpigmentation, suntan, and excessive blackheads.

4. Healthy Hands And Nails: Owing to the excellent capacity of Vitamin E oil to treat dry face it can also moisturize your hands. You can also extract the best Vitamin E capsules by soaking your nails in it.

5. Macular Degeneration: You must have been aware of the fact that Vitamin A strengthens your vision, but there is more it. Daily Vitamin E dosage taken with beta-carotene and Vitamin C could lessen the chances of eye issues like Macular degeneration.

6. Encourages Blood Flow: One of the Health Benefits of Vitamin E is that it prevents cardiac diseases by preventing the formation of blood clots thereby allowing blood to flow freely.

7. Scalp Health: Vitamin E oil when applied on a regular basis will nourish the scalp thereby guaranteeing healthy and shiny hair.

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Health Benefits Of Vitamin E


8. No Hair Greying: As already stated Vitamin E an antioxidant can drive away free radicals thereby preventing early greying.

9. Other Eye Ailments: Incorporating Vitamin E rich foods into your diet can lessen the chances of one getting attacked by various eye diseases like the cataract. You can also take regular Vitamin E dosage along with lutein and zeaxanthin to keep your eye free from ailments.

10. Cancer: Another health benefit of Vitamin E is its ability to lessen the chances of cancer. Vitamin E functions by killing free radicals which instigates tumour formation.

11. No Bad Cholesterol: Taking Vitamin E capsules regularly can diminish the damage caused by cholesterol. All thanks to its amazing antioxidant properties.

12. Osteoarthritis: Another major importance of Vitamin E is healing the inflammation caused by osteoarthritis as published in a recent study.

13. Immunity Booster: Along with killing off the cancer cell, Vitamin E also triggers the formation of natural antibodies thus keeping you protected from common diseases.

14. Age-related Memory Loss: Senior citizens taking daily Vitamin E dosage can pace down the occurrences of the age-related cognitive decline.

15. Heals Pain Arising From Cold Sores: One of the Vitamin E benefits for skin which many aren’t aware of is when Vitamin E oil is applied on the blister by cracking open a Vitamin E capsule, the pain is considerably alleviated.

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What Happens Due To Vitamin E Deficiency?

Health Benefits Of Vitamin E


The human body needs to be supplied with Vitamin E rich foods which if not provided can give rise to the following ailments:

• Weak Muscles: If the requirement of Vitamin E is not met, it can lead to the weakening of muscles, which is one of the deadliest Vitamin E deficiency syndrome.

• Vision Degradation: As already mentioned skipping foods that contain Vitamin E can deteriorate vision with increasing age.

• Nerve Fibers Damaged: Not consuming the regular Vitamin E dosage can cause tingling and at last numbness due to the end of the fibers getting damaged.

• Lowered Immunity: As mentioned above one of the health benefits of Vitamin E is strengthening immunity Which if ignored can cause health troubles, especially in senior individuals.

Till a few years ago, most people had this idea that vitamin E is only good for the hair and skin. But thanks to better levels of awareness, the versatile health benefits of Vitamin E are finally gaining greater acceptance today.

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