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Health Benefits Of Vitamin A: Why Is It So Important For You?

Health Benefits Of Vitamin A

You know the drill that needs to be followed to maintain overall health - following the right diet and doing right exercises. Right exercise is necessary to keep your body active whereas the right diet is needed to ensure your body gets all the essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibre, etc. In this article, let’s focus on the importance of vitamin A in your comprehensive well being and how vitamin A benefits you.

Table Of Contents:

‣ What Is Vitamin A?

‣ Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms

‣ Vitamin A Deficiency Diseases

‣ Food Sources Of Vitamin A

‣ Health Benefits Of Vitamin A

‣ Bottom Line

What Is Vitamin A?

Health Benefits Of Vitamin A


Vitamin A is a type of Vitamins made up of a group of unsaturated nutritional organic compounds. These organic compounds are retinol, retinal, retinoic acid, a few of provitamin A carotenoids (mostly beta-carotene).

Vitamin A is high in antioxidants. Hence, it helps in treating various health ailments. The function of Vitamin A in maintaining the good health is commendable but it is well-known for its role in growth and development of the body, maintaining the immune system and good vision.

Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin A deficiency in developed countries is very rare. But in developing countries, a few cases exist. Since Vitamin A is one of the vital nutrients your body needs, even the slightest deficiency of it could lead to showcasing the Vitamin A deficiency symptoms. Here is the list:

‣ Dry skin

‣ Dry Eyes

‣ Night Blindness

‣ Infertility and trouble conceiving

‣ Delayed Growth

‣ Throat and Chest Infections

‣ Poor Wound Healing

‣ Acne and Breakouts

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Vitamin A Deficiency


Vitamin A Deficiency Diseases

The Vitamin A deficiency diseases could be classified into 5 types:

‣ Eye Diseases: Night Blindness, Bitot’s spots, Corneal Xerosis, Corneal Ulcers, Keratomalacia

‣ Compromised Immunity could increase the risk of following: Measles and Diarrhea

‣ Anaemia

‣ Poor hair health

‣ Poor skin health

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Food Sources Of Vitamin A

Health Benefits Of Vitamin A


The range of Vitamin A rich foods is vast. Here are a few of it. All the below-given sources of Vitamin A could offer amazing health benefits.

‣ Vitamin A rich dairy products: Milk, Butter, Cheddar Cheese

‣ Vitamin A rich fruits: Citrus Fruits, Mango, Papaya, Apricot

‣ Vitamin A rich vegetables: Carrots, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Peas

‣ Other Vitamin A rich foods: Egg Yolk, Oatmeal etc.

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Health Benefits Of Vitamin A

‣ For Good Eyesight: Eyes are delicate and need extra care. Vitamin A is known to play the role of protecting it by keeping the eyes moist and providing the required nutrient such as retinol. It improves the eyesight, keeps away night blindness, reduces risks of cataracts, macular degeneration and also other age-related eye problems.

Health Benefits Of Vitamin A


‣ Healthy Bones: Vitamin D and regular consumption of dairy products play a role in protecting bones and teeth. But recent studies show that even the importance of vitamin A is high in keeping bones and teeth strong. The vitamin in the Vitamin A fruits and Vitamin A foods could create a protective shield called as dentin just below the surface of teeth. This aids in keeping the teeth stronger.

‣ Prevents Urinary Stones: The Vitamin A benefits are paramount and avoiding urinary stones is one among those. Urinary stones could be the most painful and troublesome health issue. It is best to avoid this than to look out for a cure and the vitamin A rich foods do exactly same. It works as a shield against the factors that could form urinary calculi and produces calcium phosphate in the body. Hence, provides the good shape of the urinary tract and avoids urinary stone.

‣ Promotes Muscle Growth: Muscle growth is as important as any other processes in the body. It is specifically important in the growth of children and teens. The function of vitamin A is to promote the muscle growth. Sources of vitamin A benefits you by preventing muscular dystrophy in the muscles too.

‣ Repairs Tissue: Your body reproduces cells and tissues regularly and this process needs essential nutrients. For this natural process to take place effectively, Vitamin A rich foods and vitamin A rich fruits.

‣ Delays Ageing: Wrinkles and fine lines are inevitable as you get old. But it could definitely be delayed. The most trusted way of most of nutritionist and beauticians is including vitamin A foods in your diet. Vitamin A acts as a natural moisturizer and hence keeps the skin moist. This helps you in looking youthful again.

‣ Treats Measles: As already mentioned, if you are lacking vitamin A in your body, you could fall prey to measles due to your lower immunity. Measles could take a toll on your health as it drains your energy to a greater extent. What is the solution? Have a vitamin A rich diet.

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Health Benefits Of Vitamin A


‣ Relieves Diarrhoea And Fever: Most of the time, measles is accompanied by fever and diarrhoea. Your child might get dehydrated because of diarrhoea and fever and feel lethargic. Vitamin A helps in coping with it.

‣ For Acne: Pimples or acne are caused due to excess production of oil called sebum. The complete production of sebum can’t be stopped but the amount of sebum produced could be reduced. How to do it? With the help of Vitamin A supplements. One of the functions of Vitamin A is to limit the excess oil production in the skin.

‣ For Smooth And Soft Skin: One of the various health benefits of vitamin A is its ability to promote smooth and soft skin. Including Vitamin A foods in your diet helps in increasing the antioxidants in your body. And these antioxidants help in rejuvenating the dead skin cells and providing soft and smooth skin.

‣ Strengthens Immunity: Vitamin A is an overall protector when it comes to immunity. Vitamin A boosts the lymphocytic responses. This increases the ability to fight against the disease-causing antigens. Importance of vitamin A is also high in keeping the mucous membranes moist due to its properties. This ensures immunity and promotes the activity of white blood cells.

‣ Protects Against UV Damage: Aforesaid, Vitamin A foods are rich in antioxidants. They trap the free radicals that could break down the collagen. Collagen is skin support structure which provides elasticity to your skin. Vitamin A also lessens the skin’s sensitivity to the sun by providing a natural protection against the skin issues caused due to exposure to UV rays.

‣ Lowers Cholesterol: In the lifestyle, we are leading now, everyone has a certain amount of bad cholesterol in the body and it could give way to cardio problems and other health issues. Health benefits of Vitamin A include lowering such dangerously high levels of bad cholesterol. It also widens the arteries and helps in proper blood flow. It also plays a major role in preventing any kind of blood clots.

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Health Benefits Of Vitamin A


‣ Healthy Skin Cell Production: The skin cell production process utilizes various compounds (such as retinal, retinol, retinoic acids) that are provided by Vitamin A rich foods and Vitamin A fruits. Vitamin A also supports the production of fibroblasts which keeps your skin intact. Hence, with all these kind of skin cell production, helps in keeping the skin healthy and keeps away a range of skin issues - from dryness to the wounds.

‣ Protects Against Skin Infection: The skin is the first line of defence against any kind of infection causing agents such as bacteria, pollutants. The production of skin cells with the help of vitamin A strengthens the barrier between the inner organs and the agents. Hence, providing protection against any skin infection.

‣ Evens The Tone And Gives Glow: This health benefits of vitamin A could take place in two ways. Firstly, by normalizing the skin turnover. This helps in shedding off the pigmented, damaged and rough surface cells. This helps in increasing the glow by bouncing off the light. Secondly, by blocking the enzyme needed for pigment production. This helps to increase even-toned and glowing skin.

Bottom Line

Vitamin A is an essential and miraculous nutrient your body needs. The list of Vitamin A benefits is exhaustive. So, start including Vitamin A rich foods in your diet and enjoy a healthy life.

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