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Having Tea During Pregnancy- Is it Good or Bad?

Tea is one of the favourite drinks in India and Indian families. Everyday people have tea right after waking up, in the evening and sometimes even with meals. And it’s not just one cup of tea that the Indian families have in a day but several. By now we all must understand and know that having anything too much can be bad for health and your favourite tea is no different. But, it is not possible to just stop having it altogether.

Pregnancy is a time of both celebration and tiredness. It is a time when whatever the mother consumes directly affects the child. In such a situation, it becomes all the more important that the to-be mother takes care of herself and consumes proper food and drinks. But, for women as well, tea has been an important part of life and some people get addicted to tea to a level that if they miss it even once then they have headaches.

The major reason why this addiction has become a problem especially in India is the fact that Indian tea has a certain amount of caffeine in it. Though this caffeine is comparatively lesser than the amount of caffeine present in coffee, it is enough to get you hooked on. And research all over the world has found out that the caffeine intake has been associated with lower birth weights. Thus, it becomes all the more important that you limit your tea intake. And yes we know that it will not be easy to leave your one favourite drink but for your little one’s sake, it becomes all the more important that you find better alternatives even in the tea itself.

A lot of moms also have this misconception that green tea is a better and healthier alternative which is only partially true. Although, green tea actually does help keep you fit, during pregnancy, however, even green tea can be problematic. Thus, it is important that you do not make a mistake of inclining towards green tea.

There are some types of teas made from different herbs that can actually be used as a better alternative but you will have to beware that these herbal teas will not have that addictive caffeine in them and thus you might not like it that much.

We know that it is not possible for you to leave tea altogether and thus we would suggest that you gradually reduce your consumption quantity while also searching for a healthier alternative. But even then, having multiple cups of even the herbal tea alternative can have the same effect and can result in you getting the same problems even after that.

Researchers recommend that having 1 cup of tea a day is ideal and is sufficient to get you through the day while also letting your metabolism do its own work. So, it is time mommies that you start finding alternate and healthier teas that you can have and the ones that are better for your little one as well.

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