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Having sex, during and after pregnancy

Sex is a wonderful activity to be engaged in. It allows couples to rekindle their passionate fire and love blossoms all over again. The irresistible urge to get intimate with your partner has to be controlled because you either have a baby en route or just have had a baby.

Your sex life takes a back seat and it begins to affect you in totality. You tend to feel spaced out from your partner and you feel like the distance is increasing. You also think that you’re boring and that he could be losing interest in you.

Why should you not have sex during your pregnancy?

-You’re at great risk for a miscarriage.

-It is highly possible that you might face a preterm labor.

-There will be vaginal bleeding, you’ll have horrible cramps and a lot of discharge!

-Your scared amniotic sac of life will get torn and damaged and the membranes will get ruptured.

-If your placenta is placed too low towards your uterus.

-If your doctor has asked you to not indulge in any sexual activity, then refrain from any sex, yeah, anything that is remotely even close to you being turned on and in a mood for some naughty-GO TO SLEEP!

-It could be harmful to your baby and you.

-You have to have so much control over yourself with all those hormones raging at you. But once you deliver your baby, you will find yourself wanting some action! Yay, it is back to the exciting phase after such a long gap between your magical nights with him.

But not always will all the women have the same desires. For some, it must be a dreadful task and a forced activity just because of ugggh...why not, you’ve just had a baby now! You deserve to be treated like a queen.

Anyhow, if you’re still having sex after pregnancy here’s what you’ll experience-

After pregnancy, there’s no specific norm of sex that you need to follow. The one thing you gotta do is remember and understand if you’re physically and emotionally up for it.

-Women who have undergone episiotomy ( a cut made inside the vagina when you’re giving birth vaginally) will have to wait for up to a month or 6 weeks to have sex again. The cut is delicate and it takes time to recover.

-If you’ve undergone C-section, you have to let your abdominal stitches heal. You should not put too much pressure on it.

-Don’t freak out because postpartum, you will encounter random vaginal bleeding for up to 6-8 weeks after birth.

-You will find yourself dozing away to glory as you’re going to be forever tired after having a baby.

-Your newborn will demand 98% of your time throughout the day, so towards the end, you’ll only resort to your bed.

-The irritation you’ll experience in your breasts after birth is because of the soreness in your nipples and tender breasts.

-A tsunami of hormones will try to eat you up and drown you in your tears, but hey, you’re a life sustaining boat for your kids, you’ll float!

-Postpartum blues will be your arch enemy as it will take over your mind for a while. It will leave you angry, anxious and thirsty for attention. It will leave you with mixed emotions and cranky machine.

Your husband is going to be so worried about your situation, that your sex life is going to die for a few months. But the day it resurrects, I assure you you’re in for a ton of orgasms and delight!

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