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Having Ant Problems? Here Are Some Natural Hacks to Get Rid of Them

Ants are actually one of the most amazing and hardworking species on earth. They work all day and night, are excellent builders and can carry almost 20 times of their own weight. And yet, they often end up becoming a nuisance that sometimes just won’t go away. An ant infestation can spoil the food, especially sweets and these ants can also be a carrier for some disease at times. Thus, it becomes important that the infestation is swiftly dealt with in order to prevent any food getting spoiled or anyone getting ill. Also, don’t forget that ants bite. Getting rid of these ants, however, is one herculean task of its own and so, to give you a hand and make your life easier, we have some hacks for you that will take care of this problem.

1. Cinnamon Powder

Yes, you read it correctly. This easily available spice is actually very potent and helpful against ants. Scientific studies have found that cinnamon can repel ants as well as kill them. Sprinkle cinnamon powder across window sills, door thresholds, and under cabinets and all your ant related problems will just disappear. Cinnamon powder is quite effective and is sure to make your life easy.

2. Orange peel and vinegar spray

Orange peels contain a compound called d-Limonene which destroys the protective coating of an ant’s respiratory system due to which it suffocates. Thus, it is actually a very powerful agent against the incessant oncoming of ants. But just having orange peels is not enough as you will not be able to spread it properly. Thus, use an extra medium (vinegar) which will preserve the orange peel compound and will also make it easier for you to spray the compound.

3. Erase their chemical markers with soap water

Ever wondered why ants follow a straight line when going from one place to another and how they know which direction to take? Well, the answer is simple. When an ant goes in a certain direction, it releases some chemicals that help guide the other ants to the path that was taken. And that is how all of a sudden you see multitudes of ants moving in one single line from one place to other. So, in order to stop these ants from making their way into your home, all you need to do is remove these chemical markers and the ants will have no sense of direction. Just clean the area where you see ants with some soapy water and the chemical marker of the ant that already went through will disappear.

4. Seal the cracks with chalk

Ants can enter your home through tiny cracks and crevices. Use caulk to seal all cracks, holes, and gaps between floorboards, under the counter, between window frames or anywhere else from where the ants are coming. Just by sealing that particular area you will be able to reduce the ant infestation significantly.

5. Black pepper powder

Another readily available spice that you can use for your ant problem is black pepper powder. Much like cinnamon powder, black pepper can also repel and kill ants. So sprinkle these around entry points and block ant pathways. You can also use a more powerful alternative (Chilli pepper powder) if ants have become an even greater problem. All you need to do is sprinkle some of the powder on or in the way of the ants and you will be free of them.

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