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Has Motherhood Killed Your Sex Drive?

Among many things that change after the birth of your baby, your sex drive might be a major one. While you were pregnant, there might have been instances where your hormones completely took over your libido. You might have enjoyed some sexy-time with your husband but there were also those mornings filled with sounds of heaving and nights where you just wanted to lay your back on the bed and do nothing

One might think that after the birth of your child, it’ll get easier. But it really doesn’t. There might not be a baby inside you anymore but there’s a baby in your arms now that needs taking care of constantly.

So, let’s take the best case scenario and imagine that your child might need constant tending to at least until s/he turns one (It’s laughable because this so not true but let’s just say it is, to humour the universe). So, that’s more than 18 months (Considering from the second trimester) of your sex drive not screaming to ‘get it on’ with your partner.

The first year after your pregnancy is gone with just making a feeding schedule and trying your hardest to stick to it. The second year is full of milestones for you to enjoy and you’re probably busy looking into preschools. Then comes actually sending your kid off to school and keeping them safe and sound. Yes, motherhood is a lifelong responsibility that might seem like it’s getting easier as the years go by but you know it isn’t.

You will be faced with the sad truth of having to “plan” sex with your hubby. “Oh honey, I’m dropping off the kids at 9 and I’ll be leaving for work at 10. So, we have about an hour minus travel time to get under the sheets”. Don’t even go denying it because this happens with everyone. The problem isn’t that this happens. The problem is that you eventually start to lose all hope and give up on sex. Every time you ignore your libido’s screams, eventually the screams become whispers and then there’s just silence. And silence is deadly.

Your child-free days might be filled with spontaneity and enthusiasm - Just two people crazy in love and being intimate at every given opportunity. But before bidding those days adieu, consider making some changes to make everyone (you, your husband and your ahem...vajajay) happy. Carve some time out for your partner every day. You don’t have to have intercourse every time you have some time on your hands; talk, laugh and rekindle that old romance. This will get you right back on track. Once you’re on track, the destination is only a matter of time(If you know what I mean!).

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