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Hacks To Make Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables


Getting your kids to have some healthy food is sometimes a real pain. Often, they just don’t like the taste of the food that they are eating. And over the years, I am sure that most of us must have come across brilliant tactics that worked in making our kids eat something healthier. I must say that making fruits and vegetables look funny on a plate is one of the easiest things you can do. If your kids get exposed to them in a funny manner, they will realize that these fruits and veggies are not bad at all.

The Apple Monster

It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So, you should definitely try and get your kid to snack on an apple regularly. And who will even wish to say no to this - with peanut butter and strawberries, it gives your child a variety of tastes in one healthy snack.

The Egg Hens

Most of the kids generally enjoy eating boiled eggs. So you can use that to entice them to eat spinach or other leaves along with eggs. Just cook a yummy omelet or make poached egg with vegetables. They will definitely love it. You could slice it up to make it look like a pizza!


The Crab Apple

If you have a little one who prefers red apples when compared to the green, then the red crab will be a perfect little edible fruit crustacean. A bit of knife work is required and remember that you are not exactly craving for an artwork so do not get worried.

Veggie Skeleton

Having a skeleton built using raw vegetables may be the answer for your kids to come forward and enjoy those healthy snacks. And when you give them their favourite ranch sauce dip, they will not hesitate to give it a try.

Egg Flowers

You can add some healthy eggs to your little one's breakfast and create some adorable flowers for them. You can also try and introduce the brown bread or whole wheat bread from the beginning so that they don’t get stuck with an unhealthier white bread all the time.

Banana Penguins

Bananas are considered to be healthy due to a variety of benefits. So the more you have your kid eating them, the better for them. You can have the little penguin sticks by keeping them in the freezer for about 20 minutes. In fact, you can also try some healthy banana pancakes.

Fruit Popsicles

If you give your kid an ice cream or a popsicle then I am sure that he or she will never ever refuse to eat it. And the best way you can be clever here is to make your own popsicles from fruits and fruits only. No need of any sugar, no syrup all that is required here is natural fruity goodness.

Homemade fruits roll up


Each and every one of us love fruits roll up, right? Have your own healthier versions created without any sugar or any other additives, so that your kid can get all the healthy yumminess without any bad stuff being included in it. In fact, you can even let them choose their own flavours since they are really very easy enough to make.

To Conclude

You can never ever expect your kid to eat healthy food if you are not eating them. If you are drinking soft drinks for breakfast, and have taken out most of the nights in doing the same then let me tell you it’s really going to be difficult for your kids to eat some healthy food. So try and show them the importance of fruits and vegetables in our daily life. And trust me your child will thank you for it. To club the goodness of fruits and veggies along with drinks, the best way is to give them Tropicana Essentials Juices. They consist most of the nutrition your little one needs but is unable to get in his/her daily diet. What’s more, Tropicana Iron Essential consists of iron content equivalent to 1.5 times. This way, my child gets the perfect amount of iron needed along with a delicious taste. It has become really easy for me to make sure my child gets the proper nutrition. I would suggest Tropicana Essentials juices to all the Mommies out there.

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