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Guaranteed, You Will Have Great Postpartum Sex if You Know These 8 Things

Being intimate after riding an emotional and physical roller coaster for a long period of time can be intimidating. Postpartum sex is different and it takes some time to ease into it. Make it better. Make it enjoyable. Let it not be taboo. Read on

1. Lubrication

Vaginal dryness and soreness are normal after childbirth. Lubricating gels are recommended when natural lubrication does not do the job. It helps if you're naturally moist ( rather than using artificial lubricants ) as the body is signalling that you’re ready. Above all, it's important to not feel guilty that you're depriving your partner of sex. In a case of extreme pain consult a doctor.

2. Stop if it hurts

Penetrative sex can be painful for quite a while after delivery. Oral stimulation and lots of foreplay is suggested. If it's anything but pleasure, say no, he'll understand. Sexual compromises have to be made after having a baby. Experiment with positions and continue with the ones you find most comfortable. Kegel exercises are advised for strengthening your pelvic floor and intensifying orgasms. Again, in the case of extreme pain consult your doctor.

3. Intimacy

If sex causes stress and discomfort of any kind, don't indulge in it.Libido, post-pregnancy, will get back stronger than ever.Penetrative sex doesn't have to be the only thing to be done for getting closer.Improve intimacy, that'll be the biggest driver, you'll get back to having sex sooner and it'll feel much better.Keeping the romance alive is the most difficult part as taking care of the baby can get overwhelming.

4. Wear a Bra

It helps to keep your breasts in place, especially now that they’re enlarged. You probably want them to be left alone after breastfeeding. Tell him how sensitive they've become and how much touch can be handled. Some mums leak milk after orgasming.

5. Vanilla

Sex will probably hurt the first time after delivery but with enough foreplay, it'll get better. Tell your husband to be mellow, make him understand what it feels like. Don't have high expectations, it ruins the experience. Emphasise intimacy over sex. Having an orgasm before actual penetration helps too.

6. The Baby

In the post-baby period focus more on quality than quantity. To ensure that the baby doesn't wake up before the deed is done, make sure she's well fed and comfortable or with someone watching over. Also, sex won't be like it was in the pre-baby period.

7. Take Your Time

Loss of libido due to hormonal imbalance is natural. Indulge in sex only when you're ready for it mentally and physically. Don't feel bad for your husband, it's not just you. Some mums take up to a year or more. He's actually lucky if you're ready that early. Of course, consulting the doctor is a must. Some mothers say it's supposed to feel like your first time.

8. Birth Control

This one's fairly obvious, birth control pills or protection is suggested during sex. You do not want to go through the experience again, at least not immediately.

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