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Growing up With Cousins is The BEST Feeling Ever!! Here Are 6 Reasons Why

No matter where you are, whatever type of a person you are or even if you don’t keep in touch with each other, your family is always going to be there and will quite literally be the first people who will actually come forward to help you through. It’s not easy being a parent. Your little one is always looking for someone to play, spend time or just be themselves with and quite literally, you might not have enough time for that. And so enter cousins. Just stop and think back to your own childhood, didn’t you have the best of memories with your cousins? You learnt so much with them, played with them and even your parents did not ask twice when you told them you were going to your cousin’s for the night. If you had so much fun then shouldn’t your children have fun with them too? Let us convince you a bit more. Mentioned below are 6 reasons why your child should actually grow up with his/her cousins.

1. They will always protect each other

Given the fact that all of them will be considered of being in the same generation. They will bond and will actually protect each other from the elders. And not only that, believe it or not, blood is blood in the end. So, no matter if they end up having minor internal conflicts, they will never let any outsider harm any of them. That unity is a rare thing and should definitely be an important part of your little one’s life.

2. It’s easier to make plans with the cousins

Cousins often have this sixth sense connectivity/bond with each other that helps them know exactly what the other person is going to do. And so, since they are able to predict each other’s behaviour they can actually make plans with each other which will definitely work. It’s due to this sixth sense that hanging out with your cousin actually becomes easier for your little one too.

3. You will be at ease if your little one wants to go for an overnight stay

Let’s face it, you can always trust your family no matter if you talk to them or not. And if your child tells you that they are going for an overnight stay at their cousin’s place then your mind will definitely be at ease. After all, they are family and you know them. It’s always the unknown that scares us and with the cousins that unknown is completely eliminated.

4. They have each other’s company at family functions

Even you know it’s true that your little one tends to get bored every time s/he has to attend a family function. And you can’t really blame them as well. The family functions can indeed get monotonous and dull at times. In such a situation, wouldn’t it be good if your child good have someone’s company with whom they could play and whom you can trust? Well, in order for that to happen your child will have to be good friends with their siblings and be around them often.

5. They’ll have someone to talk to about their parents

Sometimes, children can end up being irritated by their parents as well. And because they don’t have anyone to talk to about it, they end up keeping it in which does them more harm. But, if your child has cousins around, s/he can talk to them about it and can let their anger get out of the system. Besides, they will be talking about your house to someone highly trustworthy. So, it won’t exactly be a bad thing.

6. They are each other’s best friend

Believe it or not, cousins can actually end up even better friends than siblings. Let’s face it, siblings can sometimes end up annoying us while cousins, on the other hand, know exactly what to say and how to be. With them, it can often get more fun. And we are sure your little one will feel the same. So, it’s just better that you let your little one have fun with their cousins and let them become the best of friends with each other.

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